7 Simple Ways to Build Inbound Links Locally

by Mary Jezioro

Jan 22, 2015 7:00:00 AM

build-inbound-linksFor businesses interested in generating more traffic to their business website, it's vital to build inbound links that attract local leads. This will help you to engage with your local community more directly and get a step ahead of the competition. 

Build Inbound Links for Quality Local Leads

These 7 simple tips for building inbound links can make all the difference for lead generation and website effectiveness.

1. Create Local Community Content.

Creating new, community-oriented content for your website will improve inbound lead traffic and conversion rates among potential customers in your target area. Publishing new content that caters to the concerns and lifestyle of your community can go a long way to help improve your website or blog's local search engine ranking.

2. Join the Local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.

Joining groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau in your area will make it much more likely for leads to invest in your business. It will also help you build inbound links to garner more website traffic. Potential customers or investors are much more inclined to work with a business that has earned awards, accolades or recognition for providing outstanding services.

3. Sponsor Community Events.

build-inbound-links2Sponsoring local events allows your business to actively communicate with the community and develop more personal relationships and local visibility. Also, sponsoring community events will generate free word-of-mouth advertising for your business. Activities like sponsoring a local baseball team or charity golf outing are examples to consider.

Communities like to know that the businesses in their area are committed to the customers they serve. Helping to organize or fund a community event is an excellent way to express that sentiment.

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4. Give to and Participate with Local Charities.

Giving to local charities in your community is another way to participate directly in the lives of those in your area. Giving to local charities can have a very positive impact on the lives of many people and help your business garner new leads. Participating in events or volunteering time to help churches or non-profit organizations shows you are an active and committed community member. How could this activity build inbound links? It may encourage other area businesses or groups to mention your company name with a link to your page on their websites.

5. Provide Other Local Websites with Guest Posts.

Providing other local websites with guest posts is another excellent way to build inbound links. The result is that this helps to produce content and links for both entities, so it's a win-win situation. Position yourself as a local leader for your particular brand or services by networking with as many other local websites as possible. This mutually-beneficial relationship can go a long way to increasing lead generation, conversion rates and overall growth.

6. Connect With Local LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn and other websites like it have become one of the primary ways businesses can connect with their local area. Develop broader relationships with working professionals or other businesses and spread your reputation throughout the community by taking advantage of LinkedIn groups or other similar websites. Once you have an active and established LinkedIn profile, the tool even suggests groups, like below, that may be of interest to you, based on your activity and experience. Get help finding LinkedIn groups to join here.


7. Run a Local Contest on Your Website for the Public.

Allow members of your community to participate in a contest run by your business. Additional free word-of-mouth advertising can be generated from a local contest and your business will immediately gain positive exposure for providing local residents with something exciting to get involved in.

Involvement Benefits Community and Business

By incorporating these 7 tips when building inbound links, you will certainly begin to develop a stronger online presence and improve local SEO in the process. When members of your community search for your services online, you'll forge long-lasting relationships with new clients, enjoy unprecedented conversion rates and watch your business grow in no time.

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