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Presentation Counts: Why Security Companies Should Step Up Their Image

By December 8, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The success or failure of security companies rests in their ability to build trust with their customers. It’s the fundamental element of their business. People come to security companies for peace of mind whether it is remote video monitoring or something as simple as an intruder alarm, and that peace of mind starts with how you present your company.

Internet Presence

In today’s marketplace, most of your potential clients are going to find you through an online search of some variation. The organization of that page and how it engages your visitor is key. They might go through Google or Yelp or they might be typing your website directly in their browser because they saw your security vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

You’re not always in control of how visitors get to your site, and in some ways you might not be in control of how long they stay. By some estimates, you have less than 15 seconds to get a visitor’s attention. However you are in control on how your visitors perceive your company and website. As a security company you need to have the right content in the right place on your site to grab their attention. Your brand is a big part of acquiring customers and retaining them.


One of the first things a customer will see is the vehicle that pulls up outside the house or in front of the office. Company vehicles can be a passive form of marketing. The ubiquity of camera phones makes it easier than ever to snap a picture and refer back to it later.

Whether your vehicle is parked at a restaurant or in front of a customer’s house, it is a form of advertising for you. An investment in a quality wrap can pay unknown dividends both in building credibility and reaching potential customers.

Uniforms & Business Cards

Just like the vehicle, employee appearance will speak volumes about a company. Even if it’s only an embroidered polo shirt and khaki slacks, having a standard uniform improves trustworthiness. Potential customers are allowing your company into their place of business or home. They have an expectation of who they will conduct business with. Your uniform can consistently reinforce that expectation. This will help build the trust you need. Presenting a business card on arrival takes it a step further.

Uniforms may also provide a more subtle, subconscious effect. Some research suggests what we wear has a profound impact on our behavior. When people look professional, they are more likely to act professionally representing your company to a higher caliber.


Printed, customized forms can go a long way to establishing your brand. You’re going to offer estimates and provide receipts. Some on paper and some digital. It can be tempting to purchase generic pads or email generic responses. Both options do not help your branding and image.

You want to make your security companies stand out from your competition. You need to differentiate yourself. Your potential customer will have these forms long after you leave. A paper trail can make a great footprint.


Customers have plenty of security companies to choose from. Brand awareness will set yourself apart from your competition.

You provide a valuable service by creating peace of mind that comes with a security system. Read more on how to penetrate the home alarm sales business.

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