Smart Home Security

Add intelligence and convenience to your home security with automation.

Automated Protection at Home

Integrating your home automations and security system creates an intuitive, convenient solution that offers complete protection for your smart home. SHIELD® Security Systems builds intelligent smart home security solutions that allow you to program, remotely access and rely on your system.

With home automation and security, your home becomes more energy-efficient, more convenient and more secure. Today’s smart homes are intelligent and intuitive. Your integrated thermostat, lighting, blinds, electronics and security system have the power to learn your preferences and sync to your family’s needs.


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Family playing together in living room

Intelligent Smart Security

The ability to program your system disarm, turn on exterior lighting at the touch of a button, monitor your family remotely and more make your home more secure. Whether you’re at home, at work or out of town, your smart home security system and SHIELD Security Systems’ professional monitoring keep people and property safe.

Convenient Home Automation

Your home’s automated elements add convenience and efficiency as well. With just one command, you can dim the lights, close the window blinds and queue up your favorite show. A comprehensive smart home system gives you remote control of your heating and cooling systems, lighting and other utilities.