Commercial Security Cameras

Protect your facility and assets with a complete surveillance system from SHIELD®.

Video Surveillance for Your Business

The ability to record and store video footage from throughout your facility and grounds gives your business extra protection. Whether you’re protecting against theft, liability from work place injuries, monitoring entrances or keeping an eye on manufacturing equipment, SHIELD Security Systems can design and install the right commercial surveillance system for your business.

In the past, using video footage to protect your business was a time-consuming process. Sifting through hours, days or even weeks of video to find a specific event could take costly manhours. New smart search features make it easy to find the video clip you’re looking for in just minutes!


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Closeup of a commercial security camera

Today’s Business Surveillance Systems

Commercial security cameras and video recording historically focused on the prevention and detection of theft. Today, grainy video is a thing of the past. The introduction of lower-cost digital cameras makes video surveillance accessible for a wider range of organizations. Network recording allows businesses to store higher quality video for longer periods of time.

Thanks to the advancing technology of commercial video surveillance and recording technology, there are more uses than ever before for security cameras at your facility. Theft-prevention, workplace injury detection, and monitoring customer health and safety are all considerations when designing a modern surveillance solution.