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How To Build a Keep-In-Touch Strategy To Make Your Business Boom

By December 29, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

With the mindset of an ambitious business owner, consider the following term: inertia. How is this relevant to building a successful keep-in-touch strategy that will assure the longevity of your company’s future? Let’s contemplate the following,

Since the train is so huge and weighs so much, it is difficult to stop it once it is moving. It is difficult to change its speed. In fact, a large net force is required to change its speed. 

Since the soccer ball is so small and weighs so little, it is very easy to stop it once it is moving. A small net force is required to change its speed.” (source: inertia)

There are some obvious differences between the train and soccer ball. The size and weight for example, but the main difference between the two is that the chances of one stopping are far lesser than the other. It will take something of great mass and speed to take the train from its path.

A business follows the same laws in terms of success. If you want to minimize the risk of failure and increase the chances of your company’s success, the most important thing is to have a keep-in-touch strategy that continuously establishes and maintains relationships with clients.

Here are key elements that are a must when it comes to crafting an innovative strategy to place at the foundation of your company’s success.

Nurture Your Customer

Remember that idea of inertia? Think of your clients as the weight of cargo on a train. The more customers you have, the harder it’s going to be to stop profits from flowing because your business will take advantage of the natural momentum.

Spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the kind or type of customer your business is trying to attract. What is your ideal customer? The right customer will become your most loyal customer. One of the best ways to retain customers is tokeep in touch with them after the sale.

Your customers are human and have choices as to who they will purchase from and stay with in the long run. Don’t  allow anything your business does to feel ingenuineor spam like. Also don’t take your customers or potential clients for granted.

An honest and ethical business is something your customers look for and is one of the first impressions they will sense. Build their trust and you will build strong relationships.

Build Solid Reputation

When you take time to nurture your customers, you are building a stellar reputation. Reputation is all about how your audience perceives you and your business. It will make or break your ability to establish and manage a solid client base over time.

Whether you are running a franchise or not, everything down to a simple follow up email is important. You can email your customers with industry news or content from other trusted sources. This will make you look like the expert in your field. When your content adds value, it will make your business thrive.

Use Technology

Blogging is a long term strategy that should not be over looked. When done correctly it will enhance your company’s visibility driving traffic and producing sales. A blog that “aims to educate and provide pertinent information without making a pitch is viewed as a valuable resource and will build trust with your new and existing clients”.

This is a surefire strategy to keep-in-touch with your existing audience and help your business boom.


Value and visibility are two important elements in keeping in touch with your clients. Always under promise and over deliver.  The keep-in-touch strategy is a soft-sell approach to marketing your small business.

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