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11 Tips For Security Professionals On Their Next Work Vehicle

By December 10, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Security company owners use their vehicles as a way to advertise.  More importantly security professionals utilize their vehicles on a daily basis. Your vehicle should be equipped and laid out efficiently so it does not cost you and your technicians time, money and frustration.

When you’re getting ready to purchase a new work vehicle, think about the features that will benefit you most. For security professionals, your vehicle does more than drive you to and from the job.

 11 Tips Security Professionals Should Consider Before Their Next Vehicle Purchase

1. Powered Mirrors

Having to pull over to adjust the passenger side mirrors can be time consuming and dangerous. While this may seem like an easy way to cut costs, it is a necessity on the road.

2. Backup Camera

Depending on the vehicle, a backup camera may be standard. If it’s not, you should certainly pay extra for the option.

3. Bluetooth Phone

Your business is basically your phone and your truck. To have both safety and the ability to carry on business, you should consider a Bluetooth.

The body of your truck or van should be:

4. Tall Enough to Accommodate Your Mobile Workshop

On the job site you will be required to assemble parts. Having your vehicle tall enough is a criteria to consider. The ability to stand up inside, or a standing workbench on the outside, means you can easily assemble components and access parts. This can be essential in the security professionals business.

5. Spacious Enough to Accommodate Large Components

Although a lot of the equipment is more compact than in years gone by, you’ll still be transporting video screens, freestanding speakers, racks, and furniture. Having a large aisle in the center of your truck will help navigate those units. A section with wide shelves enables storage for larger items.

6. Organized Enough to Hold Small Components

Your mobile workshop should be able to hold an inventory of parts so that you can make adjustments as needed on your installs. Several organization storage systems are available that keep parts close at hand and provides storage for inventory of needed parts. For example, one drawer specifically holds HDMI cables so you can easily re-stock that item when the drawer is empty.

7. Adequate to Hold Multiple Spools of Wire

On today’s job, you might need multi-conductor wire, cat5cat6, and various types of speaker wire. Having shelves that can accommodate multiple wire options will enhance your efficiency.

8. Able to Carry Ladders Inside

When you’re doing custom installs you’ll need to be able to keep your ladders clean and dry for taking into your client’s home. Being able to carry ladders inside the body of your truck, or in a protected section on the side (rather than on top) means you’re able to keep equipment away from inclement weather.

Security professionals should be sure their work vehicle is:

9. Fuel Efficient

With the ups and downs of fuel prices, being mindful of fuel efficiency is critical. If your vehicle is still averaging 10 mpg, your goal should be to get close to 25 mpg. The savings in gas cost will affect your overall profitability.

10. Secure

Having good security on your work vehicle lowers your insurance, protects your assets, and most importantly ensures you have everything you need to do your job accurately.

11. Demonstrates Your Professionalism

For security professionals your work vehicle is like a traveling business card and says almost as much about your business as your work does. Brand yourself and your company with the appropriate image.


Following the 11 tips outlined above will have your vehicle running at peak performance, an improvement in efficiency and your clients happy.

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