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Create an Internal Communication Strategy for Your Business

By January 14, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

As your business continues to grow and take on more employees, it is imperative for you to implement an adequate internal communication strategy to ensure the success of your entrepreneurial vision.

Employees need to feel they can openly communicate with all staff members regardless of their role. And if they understand your company’s goal through open communication, they will understand how their role plays a crucial part in the overall success of your business.

Your New Internal Communication Strategy

Taking advantage of these internal communication opportunities takes a comprehensive policy, consistent execution and a unifed vision. However intimidating that may sound, setting up this invaluable framework for internal communication is a step by step process.

Once this strategy is in place you can adapt it to facilitate the growth of your business.


Culture sets the tone for workplace communications and will be the foundation for productive and confident employees. Internet and email regulations must be well understood and safeguarded. Once you’ve cleared the communication lines of your business, your staff members will be more productive and display a more united front.

It’s important to not only familiarize your entire staff with the adequate language for your business, but also the professional tone in which it should be used. Transparent employee relations policies and an atmosphere of openness will ensure that your employees feel comfortable speaking up with important information.


Execute your policy to its fullest by taking every opportunity to maintain an informed staff. Every employee should be aware of three main points: what they are responsible for, how to go about it and how to react to changes in circumstances in keeping with policy.

Manuals and introductory materials are great, but daily updates and memos are a must. Text messages and smartphone notifications are an excellent way to make sure everybody stays informed. Don’t be hesitant to sound redundant as some employees might be too timid to speak up when they haven’t understood directions properly.

Clear and Actionable Goals

Clear goal for your company’s performance should be understood by every employee with an emphasis on how business growth will benefit them. This type of motivation drives performance, and if it is repeatedly expressed, the bigger picture will not evade employees when they have to make tough split-second decisions.

Nothing beats face-to-face when it comes to making employees feel like a part of a team. If your company is comprised of separate groups it’s a good idea to schedule a meeting so they understand they are part of a bigger plan. They will comprehend working together will achieve everyones goals.


With your internal communication strategy refocused, you will build trust and understanding with your employees.

The key to this kind of seamless internal communication is threefold: a comfortable and open environment, reinforcement of adequate communications procedure and an emphasis on your company’s bottom line.

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