The Best Commercial Security Companies in Buffalo, NY

by Shield Security

Oct 5, 2017 4:30:00 PM

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Security is one of the biggest concerns a commercial business owner or manager has.

With so many Buffalo security companies offering similar products, customized services and 24/7 monitoring - how do you choose the best fit?

The security experts at SHIELD are often asked these questions and we know research is an important part of the decision making process.  To save you time we’ve compiled an overview of some top Buffalo area security companies.  

SHIELD is locally owned and operated, so for comparison purposes this article only focus on other local security companies.  

Amherst Alarm

Servicing the Buffalo and the Western NY region, Amherst Alarm has been in business since 1984. To date they have about 50 employees, 22 of which are service technicians and/or installers certified and trained by manufacturers of the security product they install and maintain.

Like most security companies, Amherst stays on top of technology advancements to provide modern, up-to-date commercial security systems with 24/7 monitoring.

Amherst Alarm touts a range of services including ANET, a communication network that works without a telephone landline. ANET Interactive allows users to control their system through a smartphone app or a web browser. While there are benefits of the ANET network, it is configured in a way so if service at a business near you is disrupted, your system could be also be disrupted without warning.  When considering Amherst Alarm make sure you understand how ANET works and if it is the right choice for your business.   

To get started with Amherst, commercial customers will need to sign a minimum 1 year contract.  

Amherst Alarm’s services include:

  • Audio/Video Systems
  • Central Vacuum
  • Access Control
  • Camera Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Buffalo Alarm

Like most local companies, Buffalo Alarm provides a variety of security systems including extensive and fully integrated,  down to very minimal systems.

Services Buffalo Alarm provide include:

  • Access Control
  • Commercial Security Systems
  • Commercial Fire Monitoring and Alarm
  • Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Video Surveillance

Direct Security

Direct Security provides packages to fit the needs of clients with the sound belief that commercial security is critical to protecting investment, products, employees and customers.  

Direct Security employs a small group of skilled security professionals committed to providing personalized service. They offer contracts varying in length from 1-3 years and offer security services including:

  • Access Control
  • Commercial Fire Monitoring and Alarms
  • Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Security Cameras
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems

Doyle Security Systems

Founded in 1919, Doyle Security Systems focuses on personalized customer service and monitoring as the best way to keep customers. They offer  modern commercial security systems, business automation and comprehensive medical monitoring. Serving Upstate New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, Doyle is known for advantageous pricing and the ability to provide security systems to fit the needs of the customer - although customers should be ready to commit to a minimum initial contract length of 3 years.   

Some Doyle offerings include:

  • Business Automation (Temperature Detection, etc.)
  • Commercial Fire Monitoring and Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Emergency and Medical Monitoring

Powered Protection

The team at Powered Protection is known for taking the time to walk commercial security clients through available options to choose what best suits their needs.

The Powered Protection contract for commercial monitoring begins at 12 months for 24/7 monitoring and alerts or notifications.

Powered Protection offerings include:

  • Access Control
  • Commercial Fire Monitoring and Alarm
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Wireless Connectivity using your Apple, PC, or Android devices

Benefits of Working with a Local Security Company

Commercial District in Buffalo NY.jpg

Every locality has its own demographics, personality and environmental challenges that is best understood by a local company.

With years of experience working in Western New York, local security companies, like SHIELD and those mentioned above, have first-hand knowledge of the area and are better equipped to recommend the right products and services.

Founded by a former area police officer, Ken Jezioro, SHIELD Security has established relationships with local law enforcement agencies - and we also have a personal stake in the community.   

Take the time to evaluate commercial security companies in Buffalo and feel free to contact SHIELD with questions, read our case studies or get a free quote

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