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Do I Really Need A Home Security System?

By September 14, 2017 June 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Recent statistics show only 15% of households in the US currently have an active security system.  Yet it is estimated there are over 2 million home burglaries in the US each year. Even in Buffalo there were an estimated 11,176 property crimes last year.

If you haven’t personally experienced a home burglary and live in a low crime area of Buffalo maybe you just haven’t seen the need for a home security system.  Perhaps you already feel your home is protected with trimmed bushes, adequate outdoor lighting, deadbolts and secure windows?  While taking these precautions can certainly help prevent a home burglary, it is estimated that 85% of home break in attempts could be deterred with the presence of a home security system.  That’s an impressive number.

But even for those who don’t see crime as an issue in their area,  there are plenty of reasons to consider a home security system. Today’s systems not only protect your home against potential break ins – but can go above and beyond to keep your family and property safer while also making your life more convenient.

Home Security Systems Can Alert You To Fire & Property Damage

Of course home security systems add an extra layer of protection against break ins  – but they can also alert you to a number of threats to your home including:

  • Smoke or fire
  • The presence of Carbon Monoxide or natural gas
  • Water leaking from a pipe or appliance
  • The security system being disarmed
  • Motion detected both inside and outside the home
  • An open window or door

When the system senses an issue you receive an immediate alert on your smart phone, tablet or computer.  In some cases, the fire department or police are automatically notified and dispatched.

These alerts can help prevent major, or even life threatening, damage to your home, pets and loved ones.

No More Lost Keys Or Hiding A Spare

Are you always losing your keys, hoping the kids didn’t forget their set, or just can’t remember if you locked the door?

Now you can use your security system to check the status and lock or unlock a door using your smartphone.

You can also create unique access codes to unlock a door.  This is especially convenient when someone outside your family needs access to your home such as a house cleaner or maintenance tech.  This eliminates the very unsafe practice of leave a spare under a rock or hidden on your front porch!

Check In With Family Even When  You Aren’t Home

Do your kids get home from school before you get home from work?  Or are you worried about the safety of an elderly parent at home alone?

With Total Connect technology you can get text notifications when the kids get home and even watch a live camera feed or photos taken by your security camera at any time.

Or set up medical alerts to get notified if an elderly relative has left the premises, pressed a panic pendant or called for emergency help.

Get The Ultimate Peace Of Mind

Thinking a home security system might make your life easier while also keeping your home and family safer?  Get in touch with the Buffalo security experts at SHIELD.

We provide security solutions without the gimmicks and offer reliable, state-of–the art, custom solutions without breaking the bank.

SHIELD doesn’t tie you into a lengthy contracts and monitoring starts at only $18.95 per month.  Read more or click below to get a quote.

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