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6 Reasons To Shop Local Home Security Companies

By December 12, 2017 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

Evaluating Amherst Alarm Companies on Google

When you’re conducting an online search for “Amherst Alarm Company”, did you ever wonder why national companies show up at the top of the search page and the local companies rank lower?

Brilliant Marketing

These national companies are like Goliath. They are marketing giants with really deeppockets. They spend millions on ad words that deliver top rank positions because most shoppers won’t look past the first 10 search results. It happens every day and across all categories. (For more info on national security companies, check out our this post about 4 Ways National Security Providers Fall Short.)

This post is on behalf of all the “Davids” out there!

6 Reasons To Shop Local Home Security Companies

Reason #1: Real Experience

One WNY alarm company was founded by a local police officer, Ken Jezioro, after his home was burglarized in 1976. Using this unfortunate experience and his extensive police background, he founded and built SHIELD.

Backed by decades of first-hand experience, SHIELD Security system designs are based upon real, not perceived threats.  Although his name is “Ken” instead of “David,” his story is real and the foundation of our company’s success for nearly 40 years.

Reason #2: Custom Work

With diverse needs in the home, commercial and retail environment, all security systems are NOT created equally.

With SHIELD®, you can trust that you have a reliable protection system that is customized to your needs. Unlike other national home security companies, SHIELD has no standard package because each client’s needs are unique.

To see the various security options and products available see our products page.

Reason #3: No Long-Term Monitoring Contracts

At SHIELD, we believe in earning the privilege of securing your family or business every day. Therefore, we don’t require binding, long-term contracts.

We deliver high-quality, affordable installations where our customers’ satisfaction is always guaranteed, but never contractual.

Reason # 4: Lower Monitoring Rates

If you’ve shopped home security, you may have noticed how diverse monthly monitoring rates are. Some national companies will promote “FREE” installations in exchange for inflated monthly monitoring rates. We’d rather provide upfront pricing with reasonable monthly monitoring rates. View our monitoring rates here.

Reason #5: Fewer False Alarms

Our award-winning false alarm reduction program reduces panic and minimizes unnecessary dispatch of local authorities. Our clients appreciate that we contact them after every dispatch to determine the cause of an alarm. Our pro-active response to alarms protects our customers’ homes AND their pocketbooks.

Reason # 6: Personal Security Service

Our network of locally owned and operated SHIELD offices assures unmatched dependable, personal service.

As a company, we’ve worked hard to grow our company beyond our humble Buffalo, NY roots. Through our locally owned network of franchises, our local owners live in the markets that they serve and they are deeply connected to their communities and their customer’s safety. For that reason, our customer service is unmatched.


At SHIELD, keeping you safe from intruders, burglaries, fire, smoke, water damage and other environmental hazards is our #1 priority. While we could employ marketing geniuses to beat Goliath, we prefer to act like David and focus our resources on what we do best: protecting you, our customer, with simple security solutions.

If you’re searching for a local home security company in Amherst, Buffalo or any WNY suburb, spend a few minutes with the guys at the bottom of the page and save “Goliath” for your toilet paper and tires.

Local businesses are the heartbeat of our society, right? Who would you rather have protecting your home?

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