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Tips When Considering Residential Security Systems in Buffalo, NY

By August 21, 2017 June 23rd, 2019 No Comments

If you are comparing home security companies in Buffalo, chances are you are worried about crime or have been threatened by an actual burglary.

Most calls we receive at SHIELD are the result of a home being broken into or threatened by a robbery,  concern over a neighbor’s home invasion or crime in a nearby area.

Wanting to protect your home and family is a natural reaction to experiencing crime.   Unfortunately, too many people wait until they’ve been victimized or feel threatened before considering a home security system.  Shopping under pressure can cause homeowners to rush to find any company to install a security system.  Many end up with a system that really doesn’t fit their needs or budget, and tied into lengthy contracts.

If this is the circumstance you find yourself in the tips below can help you quickly find the right security system, and the right security company, for you.

Tips When Shopping For The Right Residential Security System 

Quick decisions can leave people frustrated, insecure and wondering:

  • Is my home really protected?
  • Is my family safer now than before?
  • I don’t even know how to use my system, so how do I know it is even working?

There are more than 178 Different Companies For Residential Security Systems.  From national, regional and local companies there are dozens to choose from and it can be difficult to know where to even start  – especially when rushing to make a decision.

1) Ask For Referrals and Read Reviews

We recommend you start by asking friends, family members and neighbors which company they use.  Find out if they are pleased not just the security system itself, but with company’s service as well.  If a company stands out, take the time to read reviews and see what others have to say.

With so many security companies to choose from it doesn’t make sense to settle for one that offers a great system but doesn’t offer great service to match.

2) Pay Attention To Subtle Service Clues

Once you’ve narrowed down a few security companies to contact,  pay attention to future service indicators like how quickly they answer the phone and their ability to answer your questions.  Do they take the time to ask you questions or just go straight for sale with a one size fits all approach to home security?

If a sales person or company representative doesn’t provide excellent service andtake the time to learn more about your specific needs, your home’s unique features, or what you expect from a security system, they might not be the company for you.

Make sure you feel comfortable working with the company and trust their expertise before moving forward.  Other factors to consider include:

  • Are they open and up front about their pricing or is it difficult to get a real answer about what you will pay?
  • Is the sales team familiar with the neighborhood where your home is located and aware of the area’s specific crime statistics?
  • What if you have questions about your panel or need a refresher on how to change settings?  Can you contact the company for help or are you on your own to find the answer?
  • What happens if there is an emergency or a potential security threat?  How quickly will they respond, contact you or alert the authorities?  Reliable and fast monitoring of your security system is just as important as the system itself.

3) Comparing Prices – The Right Way

Of course it is important to compare prices but make sure you understand exactly what you are comparing before making a decision.  As the video below explains sometimes the cheapest price ends up costing more in the long run.

For example many national companies offer free, or a $99 installation, which usually requires a contract of 3 years, or longer, with a monthly monitoring fee around $34.  Often because the equipment is “free” or low cost you end up with lower quality equipment.

To compare, a locally owned company like SHIELD may offer a $395 installation but provide a higher quality touch-screen panel and equipment with a much lower monthly monitoring fee.  All without tying customers into a contract.  SHIELD customers stay because they want to, not because we make them.

When Comparing the two companies over three years, the free installation almost always results in a higher overall price for lower end equipment.

SHIELD is a locally owned security company founded by Ken Jezioro, a police officer and investigator with 28 years of experience.  When Ken’s own home was burglarized in 1976 he founded SHIELD.  Since then we have been on a mission to help Buffalo area families keep their loved ones safe and property secure while delivering the best security solutions with the best customer service and prices.

We take residential, and commercial security seriously and know you do too.  If you are considering a residential security system we invite you to contact us for a no obligation security assessment or quote.

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