Buffalo Home Security - The Details Matter

by Mary Jezioro

Oct 16, 2017 1:47:43 PM

"Why should I go with SHIELD?"

"What makes you different than other Buffalo security providers?"

"Can't I just install a home security system myself?"

If I had a nickle every time I answered these questions, I'd be rich! (I don't... therefore, I'm not!) ... But SHIELD has successfully answered these, and many other, questions for clients in the Buffalo and Western NY areas. 

Truth is, home security has become a commodity.  From the do-it-yourself kits to the "one  man bands" to the big national guys, it seems that EVERYONE is doing security these days. The days of expert, detailed craftmenship and exceptional service may seem long gone, but at SHIELD, they are alive and well! 

This is a prime example of what our techs run into every day: another unhappy homeowner who took the quick, cheap route and ended up with a security system installation that was a rats nest of ineffective, tangled wires. This "before" and "after" shot is a real life example of what makes SHIELD different. 

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buffalo ny home security

This is a control panel (the "guts" of the security system that should always be in pristine condition).  We fixed this mess and gained a new client by  giving him what he should have gotten in the first place: a nice, clean, professional installation.  Not a sloppy, rush job.  The wires are cleanly bundled, the zones are clearly labled, and the system is in tip-top shape. 

Isn't the purpose  of a security system  to keep your home, property and family safe?   Looking at the photos above it isn't hard to see how cutting corners and not paying attention to detail could easily impact the effectiveness of your system.  

Like most things in life, it's much better to do it right the first time. You'll end up saving time, money and A LOT of aggravation.  At SHIELD, we pride ourselves on this type of craftmanship.  Alive and well, it's part of our core values here at SHIELD. 

So does this mean SHIELD is more expensive than other providers because we do things the right way?  Not exactly.  SHIELD never requires a lenghtly contract and when you compare our pricing it is easy to see doing it right doesn't have to cost you more. 

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