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How to Increase Sales With Pay Per Click Advertising

By February 19, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising has been credited as one of the most effective advertising methods to get non-organic traffic for your website. While pay per click is proven to drive additional traffic, you may wonder how the actual sales performance compares to the spike in traffic you get?

How can you justify the budget and effort it takes to increase conversions and sales with pay per click advertising with so much competition for business? In this post, we discuss some of the key factors that can help you convert that traffic and ultimately increase sales with pay per click ads.

Factors that Influence PPC Conversions

There are many companies offering PPC advertising which you can buy. Still, the most well-known PPC is Google AdWords. PPC traffic generally has a higher conversion rate which is about three times that of organic traffic, but there are factors which influence the rate. If you optimize these factors, explained below, your PPC campaign should have a very good return on investment.

Effective keywords

PPC is all about the keyword(s) you target. To find the best keywords, you must be able to anticipate the search terms that you expect your targeted customers to type as a search query when researching. You should check the most trending keywords which relate to your products from Google Insight Search. Using generic keywords pays off, but can be costly. Sticking with exact keywords or phrases can be a good option for your business.

The keywords you choose should be able to generate a lot of traffic and at the same time, be low-competition. The cost of each key phrase will depend on the number of competitors trying to purchase it. Using more specific keywords related to what you are offering will narrow down the traffic to higher quality leads.

Ad Position

You can increase sales with pay per click ads by choosing the best ad position on the results page. Most people think the first ad rank is better than second or third. Although this may be true for the traffic volume, it may not be true for conversion. That’s because many people will be doing some “window shopping” online before they settle for the product they’ll further research or purchase. Your ad being at the top will get a lot of traffic, but conversion rates may not reflect the traffic.

Here’s a look at how ad position is determined in general by both Google and Bing. It starts with PPC buyers placing a “bid,” for a certain keyword. Then the search engine holds a virtual auction and applies the calculation and factors below to determine ad placement.

As you’d expect, the cost of the top rank ad will be higher since it is dependent on the cost per click bid and your quality score. Obviously, the person who bids more has higher chances of getting an ad on the top. Unless you have the budget to be the highest bidder, choosing the second or third ad position can be a cost-effective strategy and it may have a better ROI.

Day of the Week

There are days of the week when you make most conversions or sales online and there may be other days when the results are minimal. By tracking your activity closely, you will know the days which you can optimize your PPC use and the days which you can save on the PPC budget.

For example, a Friday might be a great day to spend a higher amount on “concert tickets” than on a Monday. On Fridays, more people will be looking for entertainment options as they plan for their weekend. This can result in more sales or conversions for “concert tickets” on this day than on say, a Monday, when people are focused more on the work week ahead.

Alignment of Ad and Offer

The content of the landing page that users are directed to when they click on your ad should match the ad you are running for PPC. Failing to align these messages is a good way to lose customers quickly. 

Imagine how disappointed or even frustrated you would be when the ad you clicked for a 50% discount on men’s shoes took you to a page where there was no such discount offered. Immediately, you would leave this page and go back to searching other options.

This type of targeted traffic knows exactly what they are looking for, so give them what exactly what you promise and you will increase sales with pay per click efforts.

Optimize PPC Campaigns

Remember that each click on your PPC ad costs you money, so it’s worth the time to develop a quality PPC campaign that brings real results. Make the most out of those clicks to keep the interest of your prospects and build credibility for your brand and product. In the end, this approach will result in better exposure for your business and an increase in sales. Refining your business model to include digital marketing strategies like PPC and some other ideas presented in our e-book below will put you in a better position to win on the web.

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