Business Lessons From the Farmer: How Chickens Can Transform Your Business


Business growth in today's economic environment takes strategic planning that can be supported by a smart business model. 

Knowing which type of business you are and becoming the business you want to be is key to creating a reliable, recurring revenue stream. 



This guide lays out the qualities of four business models based on revenues and transaction frequency from your customers. You'll learn how to decide which business model is right for you and find out:

  • What small business can learn from big business
  • Are you a "chicken" or a "pig" business?
  • The benefits of recurring revenue.

Knowing your business better will help to create opportunities to find the "chicken" in your business -- the customer that offers you lots of eggs you can count on. 

Download How Chickens Can Transform Your Business and take a lesson from the farmer on how to start collecting all those eggs that equal business revenue! 

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How Chickens Can Transform Your Business

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