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How Security Integrators Can Compete Against Telecoms and Cablecoms

By December 1, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

Security integrators are facing an ever more rocky landscape when it comes to marketing their products and services as telecom and cablecom companies expand their services into the home automation sector. However, there are still many ways that a security integrator can remain competitive and viable within this market through well planned partnerships and high quality service.

Here are a few considerations for integrators to keep in mind as they begin to navigate the changing security market going forward.


One of the biggest problems that telecom and cablecom companies face is that they are offering a one-size-fits-all solution to security needs, but they do not have the background or knowledge to actually match their security services to their customers.

Security integrators can take advantage of this by showing that they are able to design a relevant and effective security system for customers that is not overselling products the customer do not need. In addition, security integrators have a better understanding of the actual threats that home and business owners face, so their solutions should provide answers to actual problems, and have proven results. Telecom companies are focused on selling a package, and the installers they send out will not have the same background in security to offer.

Customer Care

Beyond the equipment and installation, security integration firms need to ensure that their customer service experience is positive long term. The telecom industry may not be able to sustain a high level of customer support for their home automation/home security services. Their knowledge may not be as vast as the experience that the traditional security providers have.

Security companies have an opportunity to build a positive reputation by showing that they are actively engaged in providing a great experience.  Traditional security providers have a local presence. This alone can make a huge difference in a customers decision to hire a specialized security company instead of packaging through their cable company.


One of the best ways for security integrators to maintain their growth going forward will be to partner with other local service providers. Customers are always looking to simplify their lives by packaging their security and home automation technologies with their other online services or TV.

Instead of letting your local cable provider take the lead by expanding their business into security, you should aim to create a partnership that allows you to bundle your services with theirs and share the mutual growth. This will reduce the amount of competition that security providers experience while still keeping the security industry in the forefront of customer’s minds, and reaching into new household markets.

This also provides you with an opportunity to provide more detailed and specific security solutions that directly relate to the customer’s needs instead of forcing customers to choose a package deal that isn’t right for them.


Security integrators are being challenged to find more creative ways to market their services and prove their feasibility for many customers. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to demonstrate that you provide a superior product and service, and find a way to package those services in a way that is enticing to potential new customers.

Partnering with local cable and telecom providers will allow you the opportunity to reach a market that would otherwise be filled by a less qualified competitor due to convenience alone. Taking the initiative will drastically improve your security company’s status among competitors long term.


Partnerships can be a big advantage for both consumers and company’s. Working together will offer better customer service and bundled services for your customers. Security Integrators can certainly compete with the Telecom and Cable companies based on their depth of experience and long term customer care.

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