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How Wireless Home Security Systems Provide Better Protection

by Mary Jezioro

Jan 10, 2014 7:00:00 AM

How Dependable Is Your Security System Phone Line?


Home security systems have a proven record as a crime deterrent, but they’re only as good as their ability to communicate with the monitoring service. Land line telephone service has been the traditional way to send alarm signals, but today’s wireless home security systems insure another layer of protection and do so much more.

What If Phone Lines Are Cut?

Land lines, Internet monitoring, or VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) can be interrupted by cutting the cable that delivers the service to homes. VoIP is inherently undependable, especially when the network is busy, when packet losses occur. The term, packet losses, refers to data that are lost during transmission. VoIP telephone service is an affordable solution for second or third phone lines in homes, but when families have a security system they rely on for safety 24/7, using a VoIP system to relay the signal is not a viable solution.

Wireless Systems Are Impossible Disrupt

Wireless home security systems, on the other hand, are nearly impossible to disrupt. Anyone choosing a home security system should have another layer of safety that employs wireless as the primary or secondary signaling system. These signals are broadcast as wireless radio transmissions and work even when the power goes out, as long as the system has emergency battery backup.

Families who opt to cancel their land line service at home can rely on a combination of cell phones for protection and the advantages of wireless home security systems to stay safe. Many systems provide remote home monitoring, so parents know when their children come home, view activity using nanny cameras, and even check periodically for problems with the home plumbing or heating and cooling system.

Benefits Of Wireless (Summary)

  • You can eliminate your home telephone line (In many cases, this saves you $35-$70 per month in land line phone bills)
  • Your system will be more secure due to the reliabililty of GSM (cellular) technology
    • Less vulnerability: Less likely that GSM communication can be blocked (traditional phone lines can be cut).
    • Less vulnerability: Traditional phone lines can lose communication during a storm / GSM cannot.
  • Newer technology (newer control panel and custom text display keypad
  • Remote programming of system
  • Internet & smart phone access to your system
  • Optional remote access video services
  • Optional internet monitoring services
  • Optional text messaging notification services of alarm activation and other system activity

Technology changes at (what seems like) the speed of light. People don't often think of this when thinking about home security. Although many dependable security systems exist with traditional phone lines, wireless home security systems insure another layer of protection and flexibility and are the wave of the future.

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