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Do I Need A Home Phone For My Security System?

by SAM

Jan 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM


"Can you hear me now?" is not a phrase you want to hear from your security system. In fact, many clients ask us, "Do I need a home phone line for my security system?" The answer is that in the past, security systems required a standard phone line to operate. However, that is no longer the case. In fact, we call these the "good old days" and we're glad they're in the past; as technology has advanced, security systems have evolved to function without being tethered to a traditional land line.


Cellular Radio Signals - The "New" Norm

In the modern era, security companies can monitor your home security system via cellular radio signals, Voice Over IP (VoIP)  or broadband (internet). These options have several advantages including the fact that burglars can't "cut" the phone line and disable the system. Cellular radio communication (not to be confused with cellular telephone communication) is the most reliable way to transmit alarm signals and has several advantages.

Conversely, VoIP and internet have serious liabilities so don't switch your security system to these technologies without thoroughly researching the facts. While there are several communication options for security systems, it's safe to say that security system manufacturers have made it very difficult for potential intruders to "hack" the system itself... just make sure the communication technology that your security provider uses is reliable.

It (cellular radio technology) also means that your security isn't contingent upon the weather. Not only do broadband and cellular providers have considerable backups in place to minimize the risk of systems going down, security providers also have their own backups. Effectively, you have backups on top of backups to help keep your home safe. The only caveat to this is power; if the power goes down to your home, the system will remain down until it's restored. For this reason, it's a good idea to have a battery system in place that can help you weather the storm.

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