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5 Summertime Pool Safety Tips

by Madison Jezioro

Jun 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

pool-1400049.jpgSchool is almost out. Warm weather is finally here, and we are all super excited to spend our days in the pool. But don’t let your guard down now, remember these summertime safety tips to avoid mishaps and make for the best summer ever:

1. Keep Water Easily Available

For the most part, we forget to take a sip of water every hour or so because we are so caught up in our daily activities. With such a hot season headed straight for us, it is vital to drink a little bit more water than we are used to. Having water readily available makes it much easier to remember, and it will definitely help avoid dehydration.

2. Make Sure An Adult is Monitoring the Pool at ALL Times

Never leave children in or near the pool unattended. The number one reason children drown is because no one is watching them. While these drownings are not intentional, adults sometimes think someone else is watching when no one actually is. Be sure to give 100% of your attention to the pool area when you are in charge.

3. Ensure the Drain Covers are in Place

Even better, turn off the pool filtering system when children are swimming. Kid’s hair or swimsuits can get caught in the drains, trapping them under the surface. If you have a drain cover, be sure it is in place and working correctly before you let anyone in your pool.

4. Have a "Safety Talk"

There is nothing more exciting for a child than getting to jump into a pool of refreshing water on a hot summer day, and we all know that kids get quite jittery when they are excited. Be sure to sit them down and talk to them about pool safety, including walking on the pool deck, not holding people under water, and jumping far from the edge.

5. Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN!

This one is for you, too. Sunburn is extremely dangerous to your skin and can lead to skin cancer. Be sure to apply and re-apply throughout the day, especially when you are in or near water, as the sun reflects and is more intense on your skin.


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