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4 Ways to Increase Your Cyber Security

by Madison Jezioro

Apr 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM


As the internet integrates into our daily activities, it can be hard to remember that we are not invincible, especially in such a globalized community; Edward Snowden proved this so. As progress as a society, it is important to increase the our security around us. Check out the following ways to increase your cyber security with minimal work: 

Keep Your Machine Current and Clean

Whether you use your cell phone or your computer, it is important to stay updated and current with the latest software, web browsers, and operating systems. This will help avoid viruses and online threats. If you feel that you do not have enough time to be constantly updating your device, set up automatic software updates. These can be done overnight when you are typically not using your device. But, during your day to day activity, be aware of what you are clicking on. Some ads are not really ads; and you will be sad to find a virus taking over your computer. 

Protect Your Personal Information 

We always see different websites that say their pay system is 100% secure, but, you may not remember that there are people who are paid to hack into websites like these. Secure your accounts by requesting protection beyond a simple password. If not, make your passwords long and strong. You can combine capital and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to avoid a simple hack. While having long and secure passwords is important, you should also avoid using the same password in all of your accounts. Write your passwords down and keep them safely stored away from your computer.

Have Web Wisdom 

Websites are constantly updating to keep their customers safe online. Check out trusted websites for more information, and throw out links to emails or posts that look suspicious. Also, if an offer looks too good to be true, it most likely is. We have all heard about the scam with girls buying prom dresses online to find they are simply atrocious and cheap (after paying a good chunk of change). Although we all try to maintain web wise actions, be sure to back up your valuables to avoid sudden loss.

Be a Good Citizen Online

Try to practice good online habits. Think about the ads before you click on them, and do not promote spam messages. Protect your family and friends (and everyone else in the world) by avoiding posting degrading messages or images. 

Do not find yourself with hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dollars in bills on your stolen credit cards online or repairing your computer. If you practice these simple steps, you are on your way to protect yourself from internet threats. 

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