Guest Blogging Guidelines


Guest Blog Post GuidelinesThanks for Your Interest!

We’re delighted to feature guest bloggers on SHIELD's Blog because we like our readers to experience important expertise, perspectives, great ideas, and relevant insights.

What Type of Blog Posts Are We Looking For?

First and foremost your content should be actionable and targeted toward our readers: who are interested in security solutions information and related services.

We’re looking for articles which will inspire our audience. Pertinent posts that help educate folks on the positive benefits of custom software and inbound marking, or helps save them time or money are a good fit.

We value originality and Creativity. We suggest checking-out our blog categories to get a sense of what works. 

We welcome your awesome content and will do our absolute best to promote your post on our social media networks ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+) to help you build your personal brand.

Want some brainstorming ideas?

SHIELD Blog Tip: We're always looking for post that share valuable information with our readers. 

Here are some topics our readers enjoy:

Post topics may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Home Security
  • Office Security
  • Family Security

Guest Blogging Requirements

Submissions must meet SHIELD's blogging team's quality standards in order to get published.

Guest blog posts should be well-written, high-quality original content that reflects the writing style/tone of SHIELD's Blog.

The SHIELD blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit (but we'll let you take a peek before publishing, upon request).

Submissions must:

Be Original- Content must be original, relevant, timely, not previously published elsewhere, not repurposed in its entirety on your website or other blog. Although discussing your post on your blog while linking to it is acceptable.

Be Balanced and Not Self-Serving - Post should be balanced and not sell a service or promote a business-- No lopsided propaganda please---especially if you're associated with something being mentioned. Self-promotion in the body of your article is also not allowed. Please save that for your author bio.

Be Transparent - If you're mentioning a service or product that you're associated with, make it clear.

Provide Proper Attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article

Post submitted in HTML (preferable) or in a Word document with any image files (including attribution) attached separately.

Provide an author bio (1-2 sentences) with a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website.

Limit Anchor Text- A maximum of 2 additional anchor text links to your own website within the body of the article?

Include a short Bio At the end of your article-- couple sentences about yourself and your business.  If your article doesn't include any links back to your company's website, blog or social media profiles, we'll include those links in this section.  You can include up to 3 inbound links to your company's websites or profiles in your blog article.



We highly recommend submitting a working title and a brief outline of your article idea in advance of writing to increase chances of publication. Please email your article idea to Our blogging team will check it out and get back to you shortly.

Style Guide:

  • Article length: 600- 800 words
  • Post titles: initial caps, no more than 70 characters in length
  • Subheads: use of subheads (H2, H1, etc.), bulleted lists and unordered lists are encouraged for a positive user experience and readability.

Images & Graphics:

  • Format:  .jpg or .png
  • Size: no larger than 600 pixels wide
  • Sourcing: Source images at the end of the post and include links for attribution when needed.

Bio headshot:

You may provide up to a 100 x 100 head shot to include with the bio.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Posts can be submitted as HTML via .txt or standard text can be submitted using Word.
  • Author bio up to 100 words (can include links)
  • Optional:  Bio picture (no more than 100 x 100) 
  • Optional:  Additional images (charts, graphs, logos, etc.)


SHIELD is flexible on the number of links in a post, but remain reasonable.

Guest bloggers are encouraged to distribute their post throughout social media.

Please check the blog post intermittently to respond to any comments.


Guest blog posts should be original content and not repurposed in its entirety on your website or other blog. Discussing the post on your blog while linking to it is acceptable.

Submission Instructions:

  • Send the us your article, to include images, using the form (location).
  • You'll receive an email from us within three business days accepting or denying the guest post with comments.
  • With approval, email the edits to the representative who contacted you.
  • Publication dates will be based on our editorial calendar and other criteria.
  • We reserve the right to edit posts for clarity, grammar, voice and relevance.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to SHIELD's Blog!

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