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How to Choose the Right Security System for Business

By October 21, 2015 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Small business owners pay so much attention to quarterly profits and overhead that they may fail to protect their assets to the fullest. Although every business has different needs that can be addressed with a tailored security solution, there are a few commonalities that every business owner needs to be aware of.

Find Out About Licensure 

Businesses are frequently trusted with customers’ personal financials as well as protecting other customer data stored in on-site computers.

For all of this apparent protection, it’s surprising how many local Minnesota businesses are left vulnerable after a theft because they relied on a security company not approved in their state. Don’t let that be your business. Make sure the security company you’re considering is state licensed.

Inquire About Wireless Security Options 

Over the last few years, businesses have actually been shying away from phone-based monitoring systems, since the phone line is, predictably, the first thing that thieves snip before they wreak havoc.

You should make sure that the security company’s central monitoring system is “talking” to the security company’s nerve center wirelessly or via a cellular device in the security system itself.

Apply Sensors and Cameras Strategically 

Aside from being less vulnerable to workarounds by thieves, going wireless allows you to have 24/7 access to your facility. With that in mind, make sure that you position motion sensors and video cameras around all of your exits.

You’d be surprised how often video footage on out-of-the-way doors proves to be invaluable later. Bear in mind that burglars might opportunistically break and enter through windows as well, which is why you may even want window break sensors. That is another reason to place a video camera near any vulnerabilities to your facility.

Insist on 24/7 Wireless Camera Feeds 

Before you get a security system for your business installed, make sure you ask the company if you will be able to remotely view every camera angle from your Smartphone, tablet, or computer. You should be able to find out by calling the security company or filling out a form on their website.

Too often a false alarm is triggered, like an employee who left his jacket behind and accidentally tripped the alarm. Mishaps like these can waste time and money, and be a strain everyone’s nerves. By having the video feed on your smartphone, you can solve the problem of real or false alarm instantly.

Find out About Password Protection 

Another area to pay close attention to when installing a new security system for business is the issue of password protection. You might assume that everyone (e.g., managers and employees) would get the same password and that password can’t change.

As experience has shown, both of these assumptions can be untrue. Access codes can vary from employee to employee, and you may even want to employ a different code for disarming than for arming the system.

Make sure that your security company allows managers to change passwords periodically or assign them individually for better control over your business security. This can help prevent theft from dismissed employees and provide an extra layer of protection with respect to newly hired employees.


All of these services can come at a premium, so it’s important to decide which features are critical, and then how much your security system will cost.

Inquire about standard fees and get a more exact quote based on the number of cameras and sensors you would like installed before jumping into a contract.

Ask about routine maintenance fees, software updates, fees for password changes, and possible on-site training before signing up with any security service. Protecting your investment is worth it.

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