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How To Compare Alarm Monitoring Services

By October 14, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

In recent years, the number of alarm monitoring services on the market has grown considerably. It is difficult to compare and contrast the different services without a clear understanding of how those services will directly affect your security overall.

Read on for some of the key points to consider when comparing alarm monitoring services.

Equipment and Installation Costs

Depending on the type of alarm system that you are installing, equipment prices can vary drastically from a simple alarm to a complex camera and motion sensor system. Compare similar products between companies to see which equipment is most competitively priced.

However, also make sure compare the cost of installation of these items. Some companies offer a discount on equipment if you pay them to do the actual installation. This may cost a little more up front, but guarantees that the installation is done properly. You should also note that professional installation is usually a requirement for any warranties on the equipment itself.

Service Contracts

Most alarm monitoring services also expect you to sign up for some kind of service contract. Usually this covers a period of one to three years, and offers financing for the equipment, so you won’t have to pay for the cameras and alarms up front. A service contract is a big piece of the alarm monitoring system, because without it nobody will be notified if an alarm is triggered. Older basic alarm systems will emit a loud ringing tone if an entry is detected, but won’t contact the police or you to verify if is a real threat, making these systems less reliable.

Instead, a service contract ensures that your alarm system is being actively monitored by a central agency that will take steps to contact you if an alarm is triggered. This reduces the chances of a false alarm, and can prevent fines from police if they are sent to a house with an accidental alarm.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Perhaps the best indicator of which alarm monitoring service to choose comes from other customers. Research online to compare actual user reviews of services including response times to alarms, installation quality, and whether the equipment lived up to expectations. Customers who report quick responses and good customer service from technical support will give you a good idea of what you will be signing up for with a multi-year service contract. You will also be able to tell if that seemingly good deal on an alarm system is actually a sign of poorly constructed equipment.


Make sure to examine all options when comparing alarm monitoring systems. The amount of security that you need will determine the types of equipment that should be included in your security system. In addition, installation fees and warranties can also play a big part in finding the right service provider.

For most people, a service contract will be the largest expense associated with their alarm systems, so carefully examine the costs of those packages, as well as what is included in each service, such as technical support and service calls.

Lastly, the best source of information available may be through reviews of each company’s products and services from other homeowners.

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