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Case Study: Cellular Technology and Security Systems Kansas City

By July 24, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Ata Boy!” For SHIELD Home Security Systems Kansas City

It’s always rewarding to get an “Ata Boy” from a client. It’s even more fun to know that our work helped prevent a potential disaster. Here’s a story that made us feel great – but, more importantly, thrilled our client.

Recently, our central station received an alert that an alarm had been tripped at Tony’s Barber Shop. Following protocol, our operators dispatched the police and contacted, Tony, the business owner, who rushed to the scene as any responsible owner would.

(Note that security system alarms and subsequent police dispatches are fairly common, but what makes this story different is that this client had been burglarized one month earlier. At that time, the burglars cut the phone line which disabled communication between the security system and central station.)

Given that these feisty burglars went the extra step and cut the phone lines the first time around, we thought we’d return the favor and add a cellular communicatorthat would serve as the central means of communication for the security system.

Presto: no phone line needed!

Plus, our team went one step further by adding an additional battery in the communicator so that even if the security panel was destroyed, the radio could send an alarm signal by itself.

When those fiesty intruders paid a return visit to Tony’s Barber Shop, they got more than just hair on their shoes: The cellular communicator immediately triggered an alert and the Kansas City police department showed up on the scene. Ahh…Busted!

Cellular Backup: A Simple (and affordable) Security Solution

Home owners that are concerned about their security can learn from this as well.  While traditional phone lines do a good job of economically sending us signals, they do have one vulnerability:  they are usually unprotected and can be cut.

Today, the majority of our clients no longer have a traditional phone line, and we frequently receive calls  from clients that want to get rid of their land-line service to get all the cool benefits of cellular technology. Those getting rid of their land-line all together will need to opt for either internet or cellular monitoring.  Others who convert to a bundled Voice-over IP (VoIP) service do have a choice.

VoIP from major providers in the Kansas City area, such as AT&TTWCComcastSureWest and others can often transmit the alarm signals fairly reliably, but most security system manufacturers don’t guarantee compatibility.  The next issue is that of VoIP service in the event of a power loss.  You will want to know how long the phones will continue to work without any power, if at all. Finally, these VoIP services are still vulnerable to wire cuts, as were the traditional phone lines. Want more info on VoIP services? Check out our blog post “Switching To VoIP Phones? Your Security System Will Be Affected”.

Eliminate Vulnerability. Enhance Your Home Security With Cellular Backup.

We recommend, multiple communication paths to help mitigate the risk of intentional or natural loss of communication.  Almost every security system manufactured in the last 15 years can be converted to cellular communication.  For more information, download our free eBook “Phone Lines And Security” below.

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