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7 Emerging Marketing Tips For Security Integrators

By September 17, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

For a long time, security integrators only had a chance to operate in high end areas. There was also a considerable amount of manual labor involved in the entire business model, as technology was still fairly basic. However, nowadays the market has expanded considerably.

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1. Vehicle Signage + Social Media

Vehicle signage and advertising is a classic staple of being noticed, particularly in the mobile types of industries that include security integrators. The AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action) method to gain customers is best utilized here. Potential customers see that you offer security system integration services as your vehicle passes by, and their awareness is piqued. You have gotten their attention, and there is a chance that they have interest.

However, the decision and action times may not be consistent with what your vehicle decals offer. A website, email address or phone number may simply be too long. Finding you through a simple, unique place in social media may be the best quick and effective solution to this problem.

2. Blog Regularly

Publishing blog content regularly is vital to staying fresh, and demonstrating your industry-specific knowledge. Consider that search engines tend to provide higher rankings to fresh, frequently updated content.

Beyond that, regular blogging allows you to share the knowledge that you and other security integrators are working hard to acquire in the field daily.

3. Optimize for Mobile Users

In this day, most of your potential customers will be finding your business through their phones. If your website is not optimized for mobile viewing and interaction, your users will look elsewhere for security integrators who understand their mobile lifestyle.

4. Vlog Your Offerings

Videos can be one of the most accessible forms of marketing. They can be browsed easily and are viewed passively. Most people who come to your website will watch a video to quickly learn if they are really interested in your offerings. You can use vlog, or video log, content to share the latest industry trends with your potential customers.

5. Encourage Conversations With Customers and Other Industry Professionals

Your web presence must be as much a hub of activity as it is an advertisement of your skills. Many security integrators, while extremely knowledgeable about their business, forget that much of the sales process comes down to sharing value in an organic manner.

This means you have to present the knowledge and opinions of as many individuals as you can gather, whether that be through forums, blogs, social media, or customer testimonials.

6. Gather Intelligence Wherever and Whenever Possible

Releasing an online survey is very easy and takes little time and effort. This can be a powerful method of receiving information from your customers. The security integrators who practice continual intelligence gathering are the ones who are the most successful.

Many marketers have noticed that amid email opt-in forms, asking one question may result in a more committed member of your email list, and a piece of quantifiable information you can use in your marketing efforts.

7. Understand the Context Where Potential Customers Will Receive Your Message

Where will your marketing materials be seen? How will they be experienced? The most modern form of marketing, called experiential marketing, takes the element of interruption out of the equation and replaces it with full immersion. What will draw your potential customers in to wanting to know more about you and other security integrators can do for them?


The latest trends in marketing involve making yourself visible on the go. Remember the context where your customers will find you.

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