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Why a Security Franchise Operations Manual is a Must

By March 19, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

At the start of a security franchise business agreement, one of the most indispensable documents that an owner can supply is the security franchise operations manual. The manual is meant to guide the daily operations of the franchise and be a roadmap for growth of the business.

In brief, this document outlines the policies and practices that should be implementedby the franchisee.

Main Sections of a Security Franchise Operations Manual 

For the manual to be complete, here are some of the details it should never lack:

  • Company philosophy/ approach: This includes a statement about the purpose for the company’s existence and the rationale for operations. Also included should be the principles and values that the business was established upon.
  • Products / services offered: A functional manual should expressly state all the products and services the business offers, their features and specifications. It also explains the standards by which products are produced and sold, both by the company and/or as regulated by outside agencies.
  • Method of sales / performing services: This part of the manual is “where the rubber meets the road.” It includes the procedures of merchandising, customer service and financial reporting.
  • Employee guidelines and expectations: In the manual, you’ll also find a description of the role of every employee for the franchise. Similarly, it also illustrates the rights of employers and employees, as guided by OSHA.
  • Company logo, image and usage standards: By explaining this, the company intends to keep the brand uniform and consistent across locations and in all communications. This section should include the sizes, colors and modifications allowable for the company logo as well as how and where company images may be used.

Importance of a franchise operations manual

Most importantly, the manual is a roadmap for operations and helps the involved parties maintain the contract terms and continue to build and strengthen the brand overall.

The flexible aspect of the manual is that parts of it can be customized and updated, depending on the changing conditions or direction of the local office and/or corporate business. Here are some other reasons this manual is important:

Supports the Brand

The franchise manual is meant to keep everything in line with how the parent company operates. It helps the franchisee to maintain the competitive advantage on behalf of the company. Therefore, by having a detailed manual, you’ll be able to know, as a franchisee, how the company operates and support its cause and yours.

Attracts Investors

Although a franchise operations manual should usually be kept confidential, it can be shared with certain parties interested in investing in the company. If they are pleased with how the manual has been prepared regarding the company details, this will act as an incentive to have them invest in the company. It will only chase them away if it is not well prepared.

Serves as a Training Guide

As a new franchisee, you may not yet be fully versed in all the operations of the franchisor. Keep the franchise operations manual close for reference, in case of any doubt. You’ll find anything you need right here, and this facilitates smooth running of the franchise, regardless of the length of experience you’ve had with the company.

Regulates costs

Without a clear record and control of policies, procedures and standards, costs of production could go up due to inefficiencies that may go unchecked for years. As a result, the manual is designed to set the right standards of purchasing, labor practice and other practices of the franchise.

Suitable for Legal Implications

Whenever there is a legal dispute, the operations manual is a significant tool for reference and conflict resolution.

Strengthen Your Business Model and Brand

When entering into a security franchise agreement, one sign of a quality organization will be the existence of and adherence to an established security franchise operations manual. From the benefits described in this post, it is clearly evident that working without this document may detract from the strength of your overall business model.

When necessary, don’t hesitate to personalize and adapt the document as your business environment and requirements change. For more tips on defining your business model and brand, take a look at our helpful e-book below.

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