How I Started My Security Company

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I’m Ken Jezioro. ¬†I’m the founder of SHIELD Security Systems. I founded this security company back in 1976 when I was a full time cop. I suppose I should use the politically correct “police officer,” but honestly, I’m not a “politically correct” kind of guy. ¬†I’m just a normal guy who loved working on the force. When I was a kid, my grandfather served as the chief homicide detective in downtown Buffalo. This inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Ironically, shortly after I got on the force, my house was burglarized. ¬†The kid down the street punched in the milk box on the side of my house and climbed through. ¬†I wasn’t upset about the fact that he punched in my milk box. ¬†What really got me upset was the fact that he broke into my apartment and stole the awards I had won while in the Police Academy… ¬†I ¬†earned the “Top Gun” Award – The “Trifecta,” which represented the top three awards in the Academy: ¬†Best Shot, High Academics and Physical Fitness. ¬†I won 3 handguns that were in beautiful display cases. ¬†This kid took all three.

Security systems were not a common household item 35 years ago. ¬†I looked into buying a system, but the company that I called wanted $12,000 to install a system in my home. ¬†Since I was only earning about $12,000 a year back then, the only option was to install a system myself – which I ultimately did. ¬†Word spread though my department, and I ended up installing security systems for some of my fellow police officers. There you have it… the beginning of my company ¬†SHIELD Security Systems.

The original name of my company was “Burglar Busters Of Buffalo.” ¬†This is what my hand drawn logo looked like:

I changed the name of my company to SHIELD because I wanted a more professional image and I was proud of the law enforcement history in my family.  Our current logo is representative of my badge.

I love learning the history of companies with whom I do business. ¬†That is the reason for this blog. ¬†This is the first of many entries where I hope to share some of my success with you. ¬†The security industry has provided me a great lifestyle. ¬†I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned through the years to help you grow a successful business too. ¬†Your comments are welcome. ¬†Let’s start the conversation rolling!

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