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How I Started My Security Company

By June 12, 2013 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

I’m Ken Jezioro.  I’m the founder of SHIELD Security Systems. I founded this security company back in 1976 when I was a full time cop. I suppose I should use the politically correct “police officer,” but honestly, I’m not a “politically correct” kind of guy.  I’m just a normal guy who loved working on the force. When I was a kid, my grandfather served as the chief homicide detective in downtown Buffalo. This inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Ironically, shortly after I got on the force, my house was burglarized.  The kid down the street punched in the milk box on the side of my house and climbed through.  I wasn’t upset about the fact that he punched in my milk box.  What really got me upset was the fact that he broke into my apartment and stole the awards I had won while in the Police Academy…  I  earned the “Top Gun” Award – The “Trifecta,” which represented the top three awards in the Academy:  Best Shot, High Academics and Physical Fitness.  I won 3 handguns that were in beautiful display cases.  This kid took all three.

Security systems were not a common household item 35 years ago.  I looked into buying a system, but the company that I called wanted $12,000 to install a system in my home.  Since I was only earning about $12,000 a year back then, the only option was to install a system myself – which I ultimately did.  Word spread though my department, and I ended up installing security systems for some of my fellow police officers. There you have it… the beginning of my company  SHIELD Security Systems.

The original name of my company was “Burglar Busters Of Buffalo.”  This is what my hand drawn logo looked like:

I changed the name of my company to SHIELD because I wanted a more professional image and I was proud of the law enforcement history in my family.  Our current logo is representative of my badge.

I love learning the history of companies with whom I do business.  That is the reason for this blog.  This is the first of many entries where I hope to share some of my success with you.  The security industry has provided me a great lifestyle.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned through the years to help you grow a successful business too.  Your comments are welcome.  Let’s start the conversation rolling!

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