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Drive More Sales With An Eye Catching Work Vehicle

By October 13, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

Did you know that simply adding a work vehicle to your small business infrastructure could mean the difference between maintaining your bottom line and increasing it? Let’s have a look at four ways a branded vehicle wrap can drive sales!

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1. Refreshing and Sticky

In comparison to other marketing techniques, work vehicle wrapping is still relatively new in the industry, so it is bound to grab and keep the attention of passersby. All you need to do is have someone drive the company vehicle around, whether on the way to work, on break, to and from job sites, or on the way home.

Place the company slogan and logo on the side of your truck, van, or car, and use bright, bold colors to make you hard to miss. You will find that a wrap will quickly earn your business a great reputation!

2. Passive vs. Active Advertising

We have become so accustomed to pop-up ads online that we really don’t notice them anymore. This is because they are so intrusive to our internet browsing experience that we have no choice but to click away and ignore their existence. With vehicle wrapping, you don’t need to worry about shoving an advertisement down someone’s throat, because they choose to look at your advertising.

While the excitement is toned down from obnoxious internet ads, looking at a vehicle wrap is more enticing to potential clients. Chances are that most potential clients, when stopped at a red light, will choose to look at your advertising rather than the cars or even billboards.

3. A Bigger Bang with Your Truck

Do you ever feel like you are constantly on the go, running from here to there? What would happen if you literally brought your business with you everywhere you went, instead of leaving it on a billboard? It costs money to build your exposure, whether that be on a billboard or in the newspaper. You might pay for a short term slot, and the resulting direct profits from that slot are marginal at best.

If you think about it practically, a vehicle wrap is a moving advertisement that will quickly pay your investment, because unlike billboards and newspaper advertising slots, vehicle wraps don’t have an expiration date.

4. Branding

Make sure that you work with a designer to help you create an awesome and memorable vehicle wrap. If you do it well, your company name, as well as the bright, bold colors on your work vehicle, will be those which come to mind when consumers need a problem solved by the product or service that you provide.

Also, vehicle wraps give the impression of how legitimate and professional your company is to potential customers. People are more apt to call a phone number on a professionally wrapped vehicle than they are to call a phone number scrawled in window paint on the back of a beat up van.


Ultimately, work vehicle advertising can increase your bottom line and build your brand impression to potential customers. Find a local vehicle advertising agency today!

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