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The 2-Minute Tour: A First Step in Closing Security Sales

By March 5, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

The idea of developing a “2-minute tour” is an essential part of closing security sales, as this is your first chance to create interest and show a potential customer how you can help them. A 2-minute tour can also be thought of as a marketing tool or an “elevator pitch,” that you will want to be brief, comprehensive and ready to recite by your entire team.

Closing Security Sales Begins with a Pitch


The 2-minute tour may be appropriate to deliver during a phone call to the office, a casual meeting or while you are presenting a crime prevention seminar or other similar function. You must have the answers available to you immediately. Having the key elements of your pitch ready may be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

Further, you can also identify from the 2-minute tour whether a potential customer is 1) able to buy at this time and 2) likely to buy from you. From there, you can develop a plan that will help the customer as much as possible.

Quick and to the Point

Two minutes is only 120 seconds. This is not enough time to waste on anything but the information you want to present, so you must have your pitch memorized and put feeling behind it. This brief presentation will either secure the potential customer to get more information or determine that you cannot help them with their needs. Your pitch is where the sales process initially opens. If done well, sales will naturally follow.

When you and your sales team work on the 2-minute tour, you must focus first on memorizing the important points and making them all congruent. While each individual may have custom “touches” they put on their tour, the important points need to be consistent and each member must be able to deliver their two-minute tour with machine-like consistency.

The brevity of your 2-minute tour is its power. Unlike a long, rambling speech, you are able to express the value you can offer with your security system offerings with clarity of purpose. Your potential customer will understand how the system works, what you can offer and what you can look into if they have special needs to be met. This way, you can work at closing security sales and legitimately pleasing the customer, instead of thinking about what you intend to say.

Qualifying the System

Every customer has a unique set of needs and requirements. Some are motivated primarily by cost, as their property is less likely to be broken into. Others are motivated to protect their home and family. Still other people are interested in being able to monitor their investments from wherever they may be at a given moment.

By delivering a well rehearsed 2-minute tour, you can qualify what kind of system would be most in line with the needs and desires of a given potential customer. Once the system is qualified, you can determine the customer’s relative merits and work on closing security sales.

Qualifying the Customer

The customer must be serious about wanting a security system, and they must be able to pay for both its installation and the ongoing service agreement you believe would best benefit them. Integrating frame control into your 2-minute tour, such as identifying the level of value you offer and suggesting that this is the protection of their investment, is a good way to identify monetary objections early on.

If the customer cannot pay or is not motivated enough to be ready to pay at this time, it may still be beneficial to you to keep their information for follow-up later on. In two minutes, you can identify both seriousness and capacity to pay for a given system type, which is an excellent use of your time.

Focus on Education

In the sales process, your first priority should be to educate the customer. The education process is an ongoing one that continues long after closing security sales and it begins with the 2-minute tour. Taking the time to educate customers leads to both higher levels of satisfaction and higher retention levels.

When you take the time to explain precisely why a perimeter or other security system is valuable, you gain longer term customers who are more likely to send referrals your way, benefiting you further. As you perfect your 2-minute tour as part of your franchise business model, our helpful e-book below can help you grow your business with a road map to franchise success.

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