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Addressing the Issue of Church Security and Creating a Safety Plan

By July 9, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

In recent years, attacks against churches have gone up. Dangers like theft, assault, child abduction and arson have tragically occurred in churches. The church shooting in Knoxville back in 2008 and most recently the church shooting in Charleston, demonstrate an increase in such violent crimes in churches today. One contributing factor to these crimes may be due to a perceived lack of security, painting churches as a soft spot.

Many church leaders are not addressing the church security threats. It is time for churches, both small and large, to develop safety and security strategies by being proactive. As a church leader you need to take measures to ensure the security of the church property.

As you develop a security plan, keep the following in mind:

  • Physical security for the church should include CCTV cameras and alarm systems
  • Security for personnel and pastoral team
  • Protection of financial assets
  • Background check of staff and volunteers
  • Plan for emergency action response
  • Transports and protection of tithes and offerings
  • Sunday school and nursery security policies

First and foremost, safety needs to be viewed as stewardship. Protecting the facilities, properties and the people in your church is a demonstration of compassion on your part.

Have a task force that deals with security and safety matters

It is ideal that you enlist the help of qualified personnel that will identify church security needs as well as establish specific procedures and strategies, monitor implementation process, centralize resources and coordinate training.

Formulation of security and safety plan

Under the direction of qualified personnel, you will need to develop a safety and security manual.

Offer training

Training for the leaders and staff in the church is ideal. A well trained staff will be quick to respond in cases where church security is compromised. They will be able to identify people whose behavior is suspicious and act on it appropriately.

Inform congregation of security matters

The input of the congregation when security is compromised is important. Therefore, you need to either establish safety teams or distribute literature. This will help the congregation understand more.

Have a long term plan

Make sure there is an ongoing evaluation of the church security from time to time.

Trust God

Despite the rise of crime in the churches, fear should not keep us in captivity. Security systems will offer the people and assets protection, but the ultimate security and greatest protection comes from God. … But don’t forget that He equipped you with the tools necessary to research and address the unique needs of your congregation.

Church Security Systems

The best way you can protect your church, is to monitor it and protect it with security solutions that are comprehensive.

Security experts will be able to install and monitor security systems that will help meet the unique needs of your church. Keep in mind that you should choose the solutions that you need now as well as upgrade in the future. Furthermore, you should hire a security installation company that you can trust to make the installation.

Here are 3 security items every church should have…

1. Intrusion detection

This is the most important addition to your security system.

2. Fire monitors

These are important in preventing serious loss in your church in the event of a fire.

3. Video surveillance

These pieces of security equipment increase your security without having to hire extra personnel.

Make arrangements for a security inspection today. Get more information on the most effective church security systems to make your congregation feel at ease when they come for worship.

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