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Penetrating The Home Alarm Sales Business

By October 22, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

The very real fact is that crime is always going to be around, and someone is always going to be a victim. Newsreport after newsreport has noted the recent rise in crime rates for any number of reasons.

The good news is that you can provide a valuable service by creating the peace of mind that comes with a security system. Alarm sales has always been a reliable business, and thanks to the falling cost of technology, installing a quality security system has never been more affordable for a homeowner.

The even better news is that you can build a quality, reliable business that provides an invaluable service to those homeowners.


Types of Alarm Businesses

The type of business offerings can range from the one-time installation of a camera system to a complete system that is constantly monitored. With the far less complex design of today’s systems, you can even sell do-it-yourself kits to homeowners for self-installation.

Monitored systems promise more residual income through their contracts, however they also have more expensive start-up costs. Fortunately, the installation of a camera system with today’s technology is a simple enough process that it can provide an easy, steady source of income.

Types of Alarm Systems

The type of alarm sales you wish to do depends on the sort of alarm system you want to install. The low cost of cameras and hard drives along with universal wireless networks means more and more people are opting for a simple camera system to protect their valuables. The system is more about deterrence and evidence than about emergency response.

In other cases, the homeowner wants the security of knowing that someone is available to notify the police or paramedics if they need it. Knowing the needs of your target audience will help you decide which type of alarm sales will be best for you.

Generating Customers

Door-to-door salesmen have a bad reputation. It can be difficult enough to simply get the customer to open the door, let alone build a good rapport in that precious first impression. However, if you can get past that hurdle, you can help a potential customer understand the immeasurable value you provide for their sense of security.

Fortunately, you can do plenty of marketing on your own via the internet. A quality website can be set up with compelling blog content and search engine optimization that will get your business located high on Google’s search list with relative ease. These days, most people are going to do their research on the internet before they ever contact a business, but once they make that contact, they are much more likely to purchase that business’s services.

Getting your company to be one of the first contacted┬áis just a matter of knowing what phrases a potential customer is likely to search for, then creating a website that invites those searches. If you’re not comfortable generating those articles, you can find lots of affordable services that will generate them for you.


Starting a business in alarm sales has a relatively low initial investment depending on the type of sales you plan to offer. Regardless of the type of business you chose to get into for alarm systems, you’ll be providing the invaluable service of security and peace of mind.

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