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Why Wine Lovers Need a Security System

By June 10, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

You must be thinking to yourself, “What does my love of wine have anything to do with a home security system? Please explain the relevance, but let me just pour myself a glass of wine first…”

Most wine lovers have held onto bottles of wine for years and have savory memories of the aroma, the taste, or even just the label. As your wine collection grows large with your love of wine, there is a good chance you will start a wine cellar. But, did you know that your home security system can also protect your collection, allowing it to age and develop in peace?


Step 1: Temperature Variations

To begin, you will want to install a system that can also monitor temperature variations. This is important to assure your collection is not too hot or too cold. A temperature setting alerts you as soon as possible to any issues before it can cause damage to your favorite Margaux, Merlot, or Dom Perignon.

Step 2: Humidity Sensor

Next, you will want a humidity sensor. Having this sensor will help prevent corks from crumbling or mold growing on labels. An infrared monitoring system is also a good idea because it can monitor your cellar in the dark (as it should be!).

Step 3: Theft Protection

Finally, and most importantly, the system will protect against theft. As bottles age, they become more valuable. And, even with insurance, wine theft is increasing and it is extremely difficult to track bottles once they are stolen. Therefore it is best to install a system that will notify you every time someone enters and exits your cellar.

For more information or help on protecting your wine cellar with a security system, feel free to contact us and we will happily provide more suggestions and tips! Cheers!

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