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Why Use “Wired In” Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

By January 15, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

What’s The Difference Between A battery Powered CO Detector and A Hard Wired One?

This month, we’ve been focusing on the importance of installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Some properly functioning furnaces and fireplaces emit carbon monoxide at relatively safe levels. The threat happens when CO levels escalate to unsafe levels due to faulty hardware or spaces that aren’t ventilated. While any CO detectoris better than nothing, it’s important to understand how hard-wired (installed) and battery operated (portable) models detect carbon monoxide levels.

While they both monitor and detect unsafe carbon monoxide levels, battery operated CO detectors will detect levels of CO on a cumulative level and trip more frequently. Professionally installed CO detectors do not register CO levels cumulatively because they “purge” and reset regularly.  Therefore they tend to reflect a more accurate reading of carbon monoxide levels in the home.

Installed “Hard-Wired” CO Detectors

These models are permanently and professionally installed by a licensed electrician or your home security provider.

  • When tied into your security system, CO levels are monitored at our central station which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Higher accuracy – Detection is NOT cumulative – this means that our hard-wired system purge and reset to give truer readings.
  • Warning signals generate a live call-to-action from central station emergency personnel (Fire / Police).
  • Offers better protection for children or pets left home alone (Due to the fact that the system automatically sends alert messages when tripped).

Battery Operated CO Detectors

  • Less expensive
  • Offer DIY installation
  • Higher propensity of false reads due to “cumulative detection” – no regular purging of carbon monoxide
  • Risky for kids and pets… Because the device isn’t wired into the security system, there isn’t a transmission of a danger signal to the authorities. Without warning, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Regardless of which model you choose, it’s important to know how each model works. The benefits of an installed CO detection system in conjunction with your monitored security system is the safest and best way to go. If you do opt for a battery powered device, make sure to change the batteries at least twice a year.

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