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Why Not to Post Run Tracking Results on Social Media

By June 21, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

You are a runner, and you take a morning run everyday at 8:00am on the dot, and you typically arrive back home around 8:45am from your extensive run through your neighborhood streets. Everyday, you post your progress on social media, and everyday you are more encouraged by your friend group to continue your runs.

We are here to tell you to stop posting pictures like these online.

While these images can be inspirational, it also gives burglars a huge advantage. If a potential burglar knows your typical schedule, it is much easier for them to plan an attack on your home. Here are three reasons to keep your tracking application images to yourself:


1. It Shows Your Start and Finish Location

The most dangerous part of posting these images is that your home address is basically posted online for anyone to see, as these applications are quite accurate and it is easy to spot an empty home. Giving away your address has always been discouraged, and it has become even more dangerous with the ease of social media. Do not make it easy for a burglar to find your home while you are away!

2. It Gives Away Length of Time Home is Unattended

Not only are you giving away your address, but you are also telling burglars the exact time frame that they have to break into your home. They could even team up with someone else to distract you mid-run to buy some time in your home. Never underestimate a burglar’s mind.

3. It Allows For a Pattern

Once you have formed a pattern, an attack is simple. Burglars typically aren’t looking to hurt you, but having your location or your runs posted online can be dangerous to you, just the same as your home. Patterns formed by people are the key to an easy burglary, so try not to create patterns like so.

While this post may seem a bit scary, we simply want to create more awareness around what you are posting, because you never know who is paying attention. Instead of creating an easy burglary environment, track your runs and build personal goals. Happy and safe running!

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