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Why a Small Business Security System is Essential in 2015

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Your successful business depends on smooth and uninterrupted operations on a daily basis. This state of business can be shattered in an instant if your business becomes the target of theft, vandalism or intrusion. In this day and age, you can’t afford to leave your business and assets unprotected. The physical, financial and productivity losses after a break-in can literally destroy your business.

With a small business security system, you can reduce your risk and improve your business outlook in 2015 and beyond.

This post explains some of the important benefits of protecting your business, yourself and your employees with the use of modern security options that every business should consider. We’ll also review some of the latest advances in business security products and share some alarming facts about the risk of damage to your business without a proper security plan.

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This is the Year to Improve Business Security

A business security system is essential to ensure you are protecting both people and property. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep employees and customers safe while on your property. When you’re not protected, a burglary or property damage destroys more than physical property. It can destroy data systems, expose sensitive information, cause lost revenue, reduce productivity and, maybe most important, steal your peace of mind.

Here are some of the benefits of protecting your business with a small business security system:

  1. Creates a Visual Deterrent. Cameras and signs notifying visitors of the presence of security systems provide comfort to visitors and deter criminals from intruding.
  2. Portrays Strength. A security system is a powerful tool that makes it difficult for criminals to get away. A combination of locks, cameras, and alarms will turn your office into a veritable fortress most criminals won’t attempt to defeat.
  3. It’s Ever Present. A security system never calls in sick and never needs a bathroom break. Your system is an on-call security guard that works long hours and can notify the police or fire department of a problem in real-time.
  4. It’s a Legal Shield. A security system gives you recorded evidence that  a crime has taken place. The camera doesn’t lie, and a combination of video/photographic evidence will stand up in court as you pursue justice. It an also help protect against frivolous lawsuits and claims made by people injured on your property.
  5. It’s a Money Saver. Often, the installing a security system can result in lowered insurance premiums and deductibles. It shows you’re serious about protecting your business and insurance companies like to see that when issuing policies.
  6. It Pays for Itself. Security systems cut down on theft and shrinkage. Often, a security system can pay for itself in this regard within a matter of months.

Not convinced your business needs a plan for security? Consider these stats about the risk of theft and damage to businesses:

  • According to the Greenwich Study of Security, properties without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be the victim of a robbery.
  • FBI crime statistics emphasize that 60% of reported burglaries occur when no business person is present on the premises; that is, usually when you’re sleeping or trying to relax.
  • Only 10% of robbery cases are solved by the police when the business victim lacks a security system.

Technology Advancements in Small Business Security Systems

If you’re using older technology or haven’t researched security systems in the last few years, you owe it to yourself to learn about the newest technology advances for keeping your business safe — many that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world!

  • Alarm sensor technology. New sensors contain highly-sensitive and accurate triggers to alert you when conditions change. New technology is being used in door/window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detection and smoke and heat sensors.
  • Security cameras. From dome cameras to long range cameras to wireless indoor and outdoor cameras, high-tech camera options allow you to quickly gain a live stream of your property on a computer or device. Motion triggers a video capture and alerts you of activity in the area.
  • Access control. Smart controls and entry monitoring give you control of who comes and goes around your property.
  • Environmental sensors. Carbon monoxide, water and flood, freeze sensors alert you when dangerous environmental changes occur that could damage your business.
  • Mobile apps. Apps that can control a variety of technologies put you in control of your security from anywhere, using an internet connection.
  • Home automation. Light and temperature controls allow you to manage your property’s systems and utilities while away. Touch screen controls for your security system and automation products offer convenient, easy-to-use access.

Keep Your Business Safe and Secure in 2015 and Beyond

A security system is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in your business. Your small business security system can be the eyes and ears of safety when you’re not around. A secure facility lets you rest easy and focus on doing what you love and growing your business.

With today’s offerings, you can create a custom-designed system to meet the unique needs of your business and reduce the likelihood of a theft or unauthorized access.The newest options available give you more freedom to run your business on your terms while still maintaining a sense of safety at all times.

Our comprehensive guide below will tell you what you need to know when considering modern security camera options for your business.

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