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SimpliSafe Home Security vs SHIELD

By November 28, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Concerned About Your Home Security?

When it comes to the sometimes scary day to day ritual of living in the modern day, it’s sure nice to have some kind of well thought out home security plan. One that will keep you, your loved ones, home, property and business safe from the criminal intrusions we so often hear about in the media.

If your contact with crime to date has been limited to learning of it from the newspaper, cable, local news or web site, then thank your lucky stars indeed! It is, therefore, a tremendous public service that high tech, do-it-yourself security systems like SimpliSafe Home Security and Frontpoint-that are also low cost and fairly easy to install— are now readily available.

Are You Willing to Trust the Safety of Your Home and Family to a Do-It-Yourself Solution?

The SimpliSafe Home Security website does an excellent job of touting the benefits of DIY. As a personal fan of their spokesperson, Dave Ramsey, I support his message of  saving money, security without long-term contracts, wireless installations, and digital technology. Digital / cellular technology is perhaps one of the greatest developments in home security in recent years – providing the end user with a bevy of modern conveniences like remote system control.

Contrary to what their website says, the home security industry hasn’t “been around for 100 years.” However, their website is correct in reporting that the reputation of the industry is, unfortunately, tarnished by highway-robbery pricing, scary sales tactics and nasty fine print. On behalf of many quality independent security providers, not all security companies subscribe to unscrupulous business practices, as the SimpliSafe website would lead you to believe. There are 100’s of upstanding local security companies that compete effectively and honestly in the security space. Homeowners that do simple homework before hiring will find plenty of trustworthy custom security options.

The Bigger Question: Why settle for “DIY when “custom” is equally simple, affordable and more convenient?

At SHIELD, we also believe being safe should be simple (It’s the name of our Blog!), and it’s true that DIY systems like SimpliSafe Home Security can be a real cash savior for many people. Others, with more discerning tastes, will benefit by investing in custom home security – one professionally installed offering expert support, protection and flexibility at about the same cost.

Comparable Costs and Flexibilty

Which would you rather have; a DIY system like SimpliSafe Home Security or one that costs about the same, but is custom installed?

  • Both systems will alert the police; fire or ambulance (provided you program theirs correctly) and
  • Both offer the flexibility of no-long term contracts
  • Both systems offer the flexibilty of no-long term monitoring contracts

But, a custom installed security solution comes with un-paralled service that is impossible over the internet. SHIELD sends out a private security force to assure that any service issue or incident that involves your home and property are promptly and thoroughly investigated. Isn’t that worth it?

It’s Your Choice

You can buy just about anything over the internet these day…. I recently saw an ad for do-it-yourself braces! It sounds great on paper (well, kind of), but chances are, your do-it-yourself project will land you right in the dentist’s chair… and probably at the most inconvenient time. Same with your security system…. If you’re considering a DIY approach to your home and family’s safety, you’re taking something that could ultimately be pretty serious into your own hands. It’s a choice between an on site home inspection and a custom designed application to that of SimpliSafe Home Security’s help line. There is absolutely no substitute for a custom installed home security system, installed by trained professionals and monitored 24/7 by experienced, caring people.

Thoughtful and caring parents, homeowners and entrepreneurs of all stripes prefer the personal touch that they still believe irreplaceable in home security. For these people, DIY just doesn’t cut it in this area. DIY solutions like SimpliSafe Home Security are great for some – but certainly not for all.

You Can’t Afford to Play it Safe With DIY Home Security – Invest In Custom Protection

Discriminating tastes simply can’t rely upon off-the-shelf solutions however high tech and fashionable they may be. When It comes to your safety, and those that you are responsible for, don’t cut corners with impersonal, out-of-the-box home security.

You deserve and demand a more studied and reliable security service. Don’t settle for anything less than a custom designed home security system.

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