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Security Cameras Captured Kidnapping Incident: 3 Lessons Learned

By July 21, 2012 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Video Security – More Mainstream These Days

CCTV video cameras haven’t always been mainstream home security devices. But in the summer of 2012, a home cctv system saved a little girl’s life.

During the summer, we parents share extra concern for our kids’ safety. Without the regiment of school, children are out and about without direct supervision in neighborhoods, parks and shopping plazas more frequently. Summertime marks a period when our kids’ physical security could be at greater risk. A recent kidnapping attempt in Philadelphia was caught on a security camera tape and serves as a critical reminder to help our kids understand what to do in this type of situation. It may even give parents something to think about when they think of home security systems.

How CCTV Camera Caught Incident

What Happened
A man attempted to abduct a 10 year old girl from behind who was walking with her little brother on a S. Philadelphia street on Thursday. In the video, a man grabs the little girl and tries to run off with her. She kicks and bites him and falls to the ground when her little brother begins to scream. This little girl “fighting tooth and nail” successfully fought off her attacker and her little brother’s screams apparently were loud enough to scare him off. Philadelphia police later released a surveillance video and publicized the event on various social media sites that lead to the attacker turning himself in.

Lessons Learned:
There are three important lessons that we can learn from this episode:
1. Teach your children to fight… Contrary to what we normally teach, there is a time and a place for fighting. This little girl could very well have saved her life by biting, kicking and fighting at this (the appropriate) time.
2. Teach your children to scream. Even a two-year old’s scream can help scare off an attacker.
3. CCTV video cameras are critical to your family’s home security and may serve as a necessary component of home security systems in some neighborhoods. The suspect in this situation was caught on tape and therefore arrested hours later due to the intelligence that a security camera provided. Although this incident happened on a city street, and it’s not clear which cctv camera system caught the event, home security security cameras may give parents added peace of mind during these summer months when kids are left alone more often.

CCTV Monitoring Is A Lifesaver
CCTV monitoring for a little extra home security certainly paid off for this family in Philadelphia.

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