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Motion Detectors Or Glass Breakage: Which Is Better?

By April 29, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments
When it comes to designing your home security systems and coming up with the best security equipment for your needs, you find that there are several options out there. Some people want to recreate Fort Knox in there home by adding sensors on every point of entry then redundant sensors inside the home. You can purchase too much equipment, but more equipment doesn’t mean you have better security.
Motion detectors have always been a popular part of a home security system as they cover a wide area and you can position motion detectors as you would position a trap for a burglar. The idea is to keep them in areas with high traffic, or those areas of the property with the most valuable items. If a burglar makes it into the house and they go to those areas, your home security system is triggered, a siren goes off, and the authorities are alerted and sent to your home.
Glass break sensors are another interesting and important piece of a home security system. They listen for the sound of broken glass within an area, up to a 20ft radius. Glass break sensors are part of protecting the perimeter of your home, if a window breaks as a burglar tries to gain entry (this happens a lot, burglars break windows and then open them) the glass break sensor detects the sound of broken glass and triggers the alarm before the burglar can even make it into the property.

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