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How To Use Your Wide Dynamic Range Cameras

By March 11, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

WDR (wide dynamic range) cameras are great. They are seen everywhere, but sometimes not used properly to get the most out of this type of camera. WDR cameras adjust automatically to bright and dark areas (such as the foreground and background) in the same image. For example, if your building has a large glass window with direct sunlight outside, it would be very difficult for a normal camera to capture what is actually going on within the building. WDR cameras eliminate that washed out or shadowed photo to create decent images to view. Here are some tips to maximize the use of your WDR cameras at your home or in your business:

1. It’s Not All About the Video

You could have the best, most expensive camera around, but if the screen you are viewing footage on is low quality, the image will suffer and you will not be seeing everything the camera captured. If you plan on using your WDR camera to the best of it’s ability, be sure to pair it with a complimentary display. You can do this by setting the screen to a maximum contrast. Keep in mind that the video display will be better with a better contrast ratio.

2. Nighttime Usage

WDR cameras are perfect for using with dramatically different foregrounds and backgrounds to create an image that will actually show what is happening. When it is nighttime, there is really only darkness to work with. WDR cameras are not made specifically for nighttime usage unless there is multiple exposures within the image. Some WDR cameras have the option to disable the WDR function at night, but if the camera you have purchased does not, you should take this under consideration to find a location to maximize the use.

3. Blurred Motion

Unfortunately blurry images happens all too often when trying to capture what is happening within a surveillance video. If the scene is poorly lit, the camera will require longer exposure times, which will therefore cause motion blur. WDR technology is not meant to be used 24/7 as surveillance, it is designed to optimize images in low-light or extremely bright circumstances.

Surveillance cameras are excellent ways to capture what is going on in a given moment, but they all excel differently. Wide dynamic range cameras should not be purchased for general usage, but for specific locations where other cameras could not capture everything that is going on in the scene. Be sure to get the most out of your WDR technology!

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