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How to Choose the Right Pin for Your Security System Passcode

By January 26, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Protecting your home is important and it can be made easy with the installation of a security system. If someone enters your house uninvited, they will trip a sensor, which sets off an alarm and will send the police to investigate.

When having this kind of system installed, you should keep a few things in mind when it comes to selecting your security system passcode. Coming up with a passcode that is impossible for someone else to figure out is crucial in increasing your security.

Here are some tips on how to select a challenging security system passcode to keep out unwelcomed guest.

Avoid a Simple Passcode

While a simple PIN will be easy for you to remember, it will also be easy for others to figure out. People will commonly use anniversaries or birthdays as their passcode. These will make it easy for the person breaking into your house, especially if they know you personally.

Avoid using any type of pop culture reference number. These types of numbers will be easier to figure out. Try coming up with a random number that has no personal meaning to you.

Throughout the day, you can expect to have to enter your security code a number of times. This is why you want a security code that is complex enough that someone else won’t be able to guess, but simple enough you will be able to remember.

Keep numbers varied and stay away from repeating any numbers. Selecting a password that has several numbers will make the password much harder to decipher. Years are also bad numbers to use, as many people will use their birthday, the majority of which start with 19.

Never Use the Default Passcode

When you get your security system installed, it will likely come with a passcode already entered. The PIN, or Personal Identification Number will be known by others including the person who installed your system. You should change the generic passcode as soon as possible.

This will ensure that you are the only one that knows how to disarm your system. This provides you with another layer of protection, and can help you feel more secure in your home.

Creating Your Passcode

While thinking of a good security system passcode, there are a number of tricks you can use to come up with something that will be effortless for you to remember. Ways that won’t be easy for other people to figure out.

One of the methods is to come up with a four letter word, and using its corresponding numbers. Another approach is utilizing the last four digits of a friend’s phone number. This is just random enough that it would be very hard for someone to figure out your passcode.

Changing Your Passcode Regularly

You want to try and change your security system passcode every so often. This will help lessen the chance of others figuring it out, or learning the code. This also means you have to keep remembering different codes. That’s where the tips of using a random four letter word or friends number come in handy.


The tips and tricks of choosing your security system passcode can give you an extra layer of security. It will help keep intruders out of your home. Make your PIN a challenge.

When selecting a passcode stay away from patterns or numbers that have a special meaning to your life. These can typically be guessed by people who know you. With a random passcode or PIN you can feel safe as it will be practically impossible for someone to try and figure out.

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