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3 Reasons to Consider Hidden Surveillance Cameras

By August 12, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Business security cameras are used for more than just protection from external threats; they’re also used for protection from internal threats. Sometimes, the danger isn’t necessarily criminals wanting to gain access into your business establishment; it can be many other factors within the establishment itself.

Enter the hidden surveillance camera.  These cameras can be discretely installed in inconspicuous locations in a business.  The “hidden” element of surveillance cameras ensures that recordings are picking up on the day-to-day behaviors of employees and/or visitors (people tend to “adjust” their  behaviors for the better when they know they are being recorded by an obvious camera).  Hidden surveillance cameras have the ability to “catch” potential problems- saving a business owner valuable time and money.  What can these cameras really pick up on, you might be wondering?-

  1. Employee performance: As a businesses manager or owner, it is understandable that you want to know what your employees are really doing while they are on the clock- especially those whose performance is lagging behind. Being that you are most likely not a mind-reader, putting up security cameras is your alternative. You can review video footage later on and correct improper employee behaviors that you otherwise might not have noticed. On the plus side, you’ll also be able to see the employees who go out of their way to deliver excellent customer service.
  2. Customer liability: If a customer slips or trips inside the establishment and injures their self; whose fault is it, really? It’s easy for someone to pin the blame on your business, file a lawsuit, and walk away with a sizable settlement. “The customer is king” still holds true in many ways, especially in a courtroom. But if you have video footage of said event, you can refer to it to see what really happened. For all you know, it can be a deliberate act on the customer’s part in an attempt to collect money. Without visual evidence, it’s hard to tell in some cases. Hidden surveillance cameras can provide you with something no lawyer can argue around- solid proof! Better be safe than sorry!
  3. Third-party partners: If you outsource cleaners and maintenance workers, then you want to make sure that they’re not only doing their jobs the right way, but that they are also keeping their distance from “stuff” they are not authorized to access. Beyond the money and equipment that you can lose when untrustworthy people are let inside the establishment, you also have to think about the safety of your customers’ personal data, in the event that you have it at hand. There’s nothing like a security breach involving personal data loss to make people lose your business credibility in an instant- a truly devastating cost. Hidden surveillance cameras are just another way of keeping your outsourced workers honest.

Hidden surveillance cameras can truly enhance the overall protection of your business. The installation of cameras can be costly, but think of it as an investment with a proven ROIAt the end of the day, you could potentially lose a lot more if you let your business go unprotected.

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