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How A Custom Installed Alarm System Compares To Frontpoint Security

By October 24, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The safety of your home and family is paramount and a home security system is a vital toolfor equipping you with the power to insure the safety of both. From security systems to braces (seriously!), able-bodied consumers have driven the DIY market to an all-time high.Motivated by frugality or ego, or simply the desire for a challenge, do-it-yourselfers have spurred a whole new market for dozens of consumer products – including DIY home security.

Custom or DIY?

A relatively new player in the alarm system arena, Frontpoint Security, has successfully pushed the do-it-yourself approach to home security system installation. Catering to a younger, more transient community including apartment dwellers, Frontpoint offers a quick option for a simple home security fix. While saving money, ego and even personal drive are all honorable motivators for DIY, here are some reasons that installing your own home security system might not be the best move for your family.

Customer Reviews

Frontpoint reviews run the gambit from absolutely thrilled to absolutely not. Consumer reflects a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, so overall, it looks like customers are pretty happy. However, trends on their customer happiness factor generally relate to the system sending false alarms and difficulty getting help, so expect that if you install it yourself, you’ll have to fix it yourself. Given Murphy’s Law and the fact that things tend to break at the least opportune time, figuring out how to fix a blaring siren or beeping keypad at 3 AM might not work for you.

One-Size-Fits-all Kits

Homes are as diverse as their owners and some homes require a little extra of one component and a little less of another. Customization for your individual floorplan is a necessity for an efficient and effective home security system. Frontpoint Security systems come in simplified, fast-food style “packages.” Do you want small, medium or large? This approach certainly simplifies the buying process but a one-size-fits-all approach might be best saved for your scarf collection, not the security of your home.

With this “kit approach,” you could end up getting the short end of the stick. Chances are, you’ll need an extra part that wasn’t included in the original package. By the time you realize that you need another piece to your security puzzle, you might be at least a few shipping days away from receiving that extra part.

Monitoring Contracts

As a consumer, you are probably familiar with the marketing approach where the company gives away the machine at cost and make their profit off of the product (like Keurig coffee makers and their coffee pods). When you go with a DIY outfit like Frontpoint Home Security, you might get a great deal on the front end but risk non-negotiable, binding monitoring contracts on the back end. Given that the company is a new player in the security arena, little information exists about the longevity of the brand, monitoring services or response time. For more info on this topic, check out The Truth Behind Monitoring Contracts.

Monitoring and Alarm Permits

A vital part of a home security system is the systems ability to alert the authorities. Most local governments require an alarm permit for emergency response features. Many DIY home security systems fail to mention this requirement. Some localities have a single alarm permit while others require distinct permits for the various types of emergency response teams.  Determining which, when, how much and what, is another hassle added to the DIY home security process; not to mention finding out if a permit is a one-time purchase or an annual recurring charge.

False Alarms: Another potential pitfall relating to permits is if your alarm system goes off and triggers an emergency response team. Different jurisdictions require different permits. If you fail to file the proper alarm permit, you can be fined upwards of $50+ if the trigger ends up being a false alarm. Custom security companies take care of this vexatious detail.

Support — Are You Covered?

Working with a professional home security installation company is the choice that makes sense for sophisticated shoppers – when guaranteed satisfaction trumps bragging rights – especially when the  safety of your family and home are at stake. Most DIY support systems lack the personal service that a professional installation company offers. With a DIY security company, when problems arise, it is often impossible to find the right person or documentation to get the problem fixed in a timely manner. Having your home security system installed by a professional security team gives you incredible peace-of-mindand the comfort of constant support and stellar customer service.

Complicated Home Security Technology

Perhaps the biggest reason to be leery of a DIY option like Frontpoint is the sheer complexity and often complicated technology related to home security systems.Traditional security systems used land line phone services to communicate signals that were monitored by a central monitoring station. Now, cellular communication has replaced plain old telephone (POTS) lines, and consumers are using that technology to program fancier options into their home security systems. – A great option, but one that often requires the assistance of a professional.

Most modern systems include advanced home automation features that take security capabilities to the next level and open new realms of control for harnessing everything from energy savings to property management verification options. These options, while attractive, often complicate the seemingly easy “less than 2 hour” installation promise.

Key Takeaway

For home security, it makes sense to go with a professional. In the end, the price ends up being about the same, anyway. And the customization, installation, support and long-term peace-of-mind far outweigh the temporary feeling of achievement that accompanies a Saturday afternoon project. Now, for those braces….!

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