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Are Home Security Systems Worth The Money?

By October 21, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

How A Moved Pot Triggered The Need For A Home Security System

I read an article recently about a woman who was “blissfully unaware of the fact that there were people who were willing to commit crimes in her neighborhood” until a moved pot prompted further research. Apparently someone had attempted to pry her back window open (twice) and left a hacksaw on the ground outside…  She wondered “Are home security systems worth the money?” As I read her story and pondered a response to her question, I reflected on the many calls we get from frightened people who, “until it happens to them” don’t give much thought to protecting their homes.

Lessons From A Security Business Owner

As a partner in an alarm company. We field calls every day from panicked people who are recovering from a break-in. Unfortunately, the terror is real, and regret always professed after the fact…. “I thought about installing an alarm system, but…”

You’re Three Times More Likely to Be A Victim Without An Alarm System

The chance of being the victim of a burglary is about three times more likely without an alarm system.  Surely, there are far more pressing things to worry about in an average day, but we answer call after call from homeowners who thought “it would never happen to them.” Unfortunately, at that point, it’s almost too late. Burglars are inherently lazy and tend to revisit homes that they’ve successfully burglarized, but they tend to avoid homes with security systems altogether.

The Emotional Turmoil Is Heartbreaking… And Preventable

It’s heartbreaking to see the physical and emotional turmoil that victims face…. the feelings of violation, fear, regret, to name a few, but we see it every day. What’s even more disheartening is when people call us after they’ve bee hit twice… double jeopardy.

My Advice: Get A System.

It’s investment in your family’s security and the sanctity of your home.Although the main motivator for people investing in security systems is a break-in, there are a few practical reasons to invest in a system even if the threat is not there (yet).

  1. Peace-of-mind. There’s a comforting feeling that exists when I pull into my garage, open the breezeway door and hear the familiar sound of a beeping keypad welcoming me home. The sight of Mila, our King Charles Cavalier spaniel is another welcome sight, but the sound of that keypad immediately alerts me that no one but a member of my family stepped foot in my house since I’d last left. I punch in my code and relax with the knowledge that my home sweet home is still exactly the way I left it.
  2. Mobile Security Monitoring. As a mother of young children, I also find comfort in the text alerts that I receive on my phone when my kids come home from school. While my preference is to be there to greet them, the message that I get when they punch in their unique code is re-assuring that they’ve arrived home safely.Plus, if they leave after me and forget to arm the system, I can jump on my phone and remotely key in my password to set the system. Remote arming and disarming is  a relatively new option for home alarm systems (within the last few years), but it adds another layer of convenience to my daily checklist.
  3.  Environmental Monitoring. Another benefit of a security system is an option to monitor environmental components within your home (smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water).  These are all potentially life-threatening dangers that aren’t frequently thought about – again, until too late. That sweet dog of ours is precious to our family. We’d be devastated if there were a fire or carbon monoxide leak that took her from us. If either of those tripped the alarm system, the authorities would be called immediately to evacuate our home, even if we weren’t there.
  4. Homeowner’s Insurance. Finally, my monitored alarm system gives me a reduction in my homeowner’s insurance – about 20%, saving me a couple hundred dollars each year. Given that the cost for alarm monitoring service is only a couple hundred dollars annually, it’s a wash. Granted, since we monitor through our own company, I don’t pay anyway (one of the benefits of owning a security business!), but you get the point.  The cost of monitoring isn’t prohibitive, and many of our clients opt for semi-annual payments or auto-withdrawal to ease the sting of the bill

Bottom line: Home security systems are worth the money. A monitored security system is definitely worth the investment. Systems cost about $500 plus monitoring – not a huge amount, but definitely worth consideration. Check out this article about shopping for an alarm system so you know what to look for.

By The Way, Don’t Fake It.

Some people try to fake it with stickers, signs, fake security cameras or ask us to install “local alarm alarm” system – meaning “they don’t want the system monitored by a central monitoring station.” In my opinion, having a system is only half the solution. Without monitoring, emergency signals aren’t sent to the authorities, and help isn’t sought immediately.  And, although burglars are lazy, some are smart and can outwit you even if you did place that fake decal or sign out front. Remember, people never THINK they’ll need it until it’s too late…

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