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ADT Pulse vs Honeywell’s Total Connect

By August 1, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

The Secret Is Out: ADT Pulse Uses Honeywell Technology

If you’re shopping for home security, you’ve undoubtedly considered the “Goliath” of the industry, ADT. A company with an impressive marketing department, the ADT Pulse brand name is certainly top of mind…. and it should be! – The brilliant technology behind ADT Pulse lies with z-wave technology from Honeywell. Honeywell, a respected staple in the home security industry, markets a product called “Total Connect TM.”  ADT private labels the Total Connect technology as Pulse.

So whether you select the private label from ADT or Honeywell Total Connect Brand from a local security company, the Z-Wave technology that facilitates all the home automation functionality in both gives you convenient control and improved efficiencies over just about every room in your house.

Like ADT Pulse, Honeywell’s Total Connect uses an attractive touchscreen keypad and offers online access from any computer tablet, smart phone or web-enabled device so homeowners can can monitor activity and control lights, appliances and cameras no matter where they are. Talk about convenience and easy living!

Here are ten features of Honeywell’s Z-wave technology that make Total Connect so attractive to buyers:


1) Event Notification

Specify the exact type of events you want to be notified of and receive text alerts in real time. No matter where you are, you can be notified of events in and around your house. Be in touch 24/7

2) Remote Control

Set up and manage your security system, add users, assign codes, control cameras all on your own.

  • Running late for that meeting at eight? Forgot to set the alarm? No problem: just grab your cell phone and open the app. You’ve got a remote keypad in your hand. A few taps of the keys and your alarm is set.
  • If your sitter needs to get in to greet the kids after school and forgot her code, just disarm the security system and unlock the door without ever leaving the office.

3) Sensors For Flooding and Dangerous CO (Carbon Monoxide) Levels

Given the crazy weather these days, more and more folks are worried about flooding. Get instant alerts if high water threatens your home or if cold weather threatens your pipes. Text alerts can also be programmed in for dangerous situations like high levels of carbon monoxide. This colorless, odorless gas is a huge threat to family members and pets if left undetected. With Z-wave technology through ADT Pulse or Total Connect, you’ll be alerted if either of these events threaten the safety of your home.

4) Fire and Smoke Detection

Fire and smoke (a deadly combination) is one of the most obvious (yet often overlooked) threats to home security. Unlike battery operated fire and smoke detectors, wired-in heat and smoke detection systems will alert the authorities (and you) if the sensors trip the alarm. Even if you’re not home, the fire department will be notified giving your home a much better chance of surviving complete destruction.

5) Money Saving Temperature and Light Control 

Does your spouse have a bad habit of leaving lights on? Are your kids careless with the air conditioner controls? Conserve energy and save a few dollars on the utility bill by setting automated schedules for light control and the temperature inside your house. It doesn’t get much easier than logging into your system remotely to control these comforts of home.

6) Easy Security Interface

Intuitive prompts are vivid graphic icons are easy to read, easy to understand and make operation a snap. Everything you need to control you system is viewable at a glance – including the keypad, status and zones.

  • Icon-based Functions
  • Easy To Use
  • No Training Required
  • Real-Time Control

7) Security Camera Monitoring

There’s nothing quite like actually seeing what’s going on at your home – even when you’re not there. Plus, with this awesome technology, you’ll have a running log of recorded events if anything did happen. Access real-time video footage of events or log into the history to investigate any unusual or sketchy activity.

8) Monitoring For Latchkey Kids 

Parents can rest easier with instant notifications when kids arrive home from school. With a set schedule of open and close alerts, get instant email or messages to alert you if a window or door opens at home – signaling the safe arrival of your most precious package!

9) Auto Event Scheduling

Have a recurring weekly event such as a cleaning person or child care worker at your house? Set up automated actions so that your security system disarms at just the right time for your housekeeper or babysitter. No need to pay attention to the clock, your system will disarm automatically with auto-event scheduling.

10) A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Everyone’s a photographer these days… With attractive keypads that double as digital picture frames, your best photos can be on display for all to see! Simply upload images or sync your system to your Flickr account and your images will replace that traditional less-attractive keypad.

Peace Of Mind – The Real Benefit

The value that Z-wave technology offers the end consumer is peace of mind. Greater access to information and better control of your home security certainly makes life easier for busy households.There’s enough to worry about in this fast-moving world and it’s time to take control of your home security. Whether it’s your family’s safety, your impact on the environment, desire to save money, or your need for convenience, either brand may be the answer you are looking for.

Read about the costs of ADT Pulse vs Total Connect here.

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