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Does ADT Pulse Cost Less?

By August 8, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

One of the most frustrating parts of buying an alarm system is understanding the costs associated with competing monitoring services. SHIELD uses Honeywell’s Total Connect – which is loaded with all the same features as ADT Pulse so we thought we’d compare our pricing against theirs to help you do some quick comparison shopping…

How Much Does ADT Pulse Cost?

We conducted a Google search for “ADT Pulse Cost” and here’s a snapshot of what we found:

It’s tough to pinpoint what, exactly, ADT charges for their services. There seems to be all sorts of variables that affect the end price. But here’s what we DO know:

  • The minimum installation price is $399.
  • 36-month monitoring contract required with minimum monthly monitoring fee as high as $51.99 per month.
  • Additional $200 charge will accompany packages that require electrician services.
  • You may be required to pay additional charges for equipment and services to utilize certain Pulse features. Standard message and data rates may apply to text alerts. Prices subject to change. Prices may vary by market. Local permit fees, which are typical across all alarm companies, may be required. Satisfactory credit history required.
  • ADT Pulse Interactive Business Solutions requires the purchase or activation of an ADT alarm system with a monitored burglary service and a compatible computer, cell phone or PDA with Internet and email access. You may be required to pay additional charges to purchase equipment required to utilize the ADT Pulse Solutions features you desire. Standard message and data rates may apply to text alerts.
  • ADT owns the equipment. System remains the property of ADT

So, when all said and done, it looks like we can conclude this: The minimum charge for ADT Pulse is nearly $2700 calculated as follows:

Minimum Installation price: $399.00
 +  36 mo monitoring contract (@ $51.99/mo): $2270.64
Total:  $2669.64
Plus additional fees for added services

How Much Does SHIELD Cost?

Here’s a link to our pricing pageInteractive Remote Services (Total Connect) is column 2.


  • SHIELD uses Honeywell’s Total Connect, which uses the technology like ADT Pulse, offering comparable interactive user benefits.
  • The cost for simple security system installation is $395 with a standard telephone line or $535 with a GSM/LTE Radio (no phone line required).
  • You own the equipment – an important differentiator if you decide that you’d like to switch monitoring providers at a later date.
  • Custom packages are designed each client.
  • Monthly monitoring for Total Connect is $34.95/month
  • No long term monitoring contract required.

Bottom line: Honeywell’s Total Connect from SHIELD with all the bells and whistles of ADT’s Pulse is about 1/2 of what they charge.

Key Takeaway

Considering SHIELD’s A+ BBB Rating, exceptional customer service reviews, law enforcement expertise and our local market presence, we feel very confident about the service that we offer our clients. We hope you’ll give us a call.

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