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4 Ways National Security Service Providers Fall Short

By June 26, 2014 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Frustrated By Bad Service?

Feeling frustrated by a recent experience you had with a nationwide security service provider? You’re not the only one. Nationwide security service providers expand into new markets, bringing their big marketing budgets and recognizable logos but don’t often have the expertise to back up their claims, leaving you upset, frustrated and dissatisfied. You don’t have to fall victim to their schemes. By carefully evaluating security service providers and knowing some of the ways nationwide security service providers fall short, you can find a local security company that will give you impeccable service and faithfully serve you for years to come.

Here are four ways national brand security service providers fall short:

1. Customer Service Often Takes The back Seat To The Mighty Dollar. A large, publicly traded nationwide corporation is often concerned with bottom line numbers, rather than customer service. More often than not, customers are considered a contributor to their bottom line. While they may seem to offer the “lowest price,” they do that by offering the bare minimum when it comes to providing true security expertise, attention to detail and good old fashioned customer service.

2. Lack Of Local Knowledge / Inappropriate Certification or Licensing.Nationwide security service providers may convince you that their technicians are certified. They very well may be – but by whom? They may be certified by in-house trainers with broad-based knowledge, rather than individual market and security industry specific training. Companies employing broad-based training have no real experience with how burglaries actually happen. Sure, they may know the technology of the latest and greatest gizmo that best contributes to the bottom line, but local companies often employ veteran police officer with years of experience answering actual break-ins. When it comes to protecting your home or business, there is no better choice than to (at the very least) consult with someone with real, street-smart experience answering calls from victims who have been burglarized. The knowledge that comes from seeing, first hand, how intrusions happen help contribute to real prevention.

3. You Probably Will Pay More Than Other Customers Across Town.Nationwide security service providers have been known to adjust prices based on where the customer lives. People living in more affluent neighborhoods may pay more with national security providers. The fine print in their contracts hold the secrets to their profit margins and, unfortunately, to your inability to switch providers easily if you choose. If contracting with a nationwide security service provider, make sure you read that fine print. Sure, paying a low up-front fee may sound attractive at first, but consider the repercussions weeks, months or a couple of years later when you decide to switch security providers. Large, nationwide security companies make it very difficult to switch providers if you are unhappy with their service.

4. Poor Communication Equals Mistakes and Dreadful Service. To keep their business models running as efficiently as possible, national security brands often sell you a basic system, install it, then move on to the next customer – seldom, if ever, contacting you again to gage your satisfaction or understanding of the product that you bought. On the other hand, a local provider with a strong customer focus will periodically reach out to you to make sure you understand how to use your system, the different features available (technology is always changing), how your needs may have changed and personally handle any concerns or needs you may have with regard to your system. Security is a serious and often very personal matter and your needs should be addressed as quickly as possible to keep you, your family and what matters most to you safe and secure.

For these reasons, it’s important to take a look at your local security service options. Look for a local company that has provided security services in your area for many years. They should offer invaluable insights and experience that a national security company just can’t match.

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