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4 Features of Your System That Make Life Easier

By May 20, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Security systems are only meant to do one thing…right? Protect your home, watch over your valuables while you are away? Did you ever think about all of the other cool features of owning a home security system? Now that technology has grown, home security systems (and their features) can be managed simply from your smart phone/device! Here are 4 features of your system you didn’t know you could have:

1. Garage Door Control

We have all left our garage door open… probably more than once. From your mobile device, you are able to control the garage door and know if it is opened or closed from the home screen of your Wi-Fi enabled device with the Honeywell Total Connect application. You can also schedule it to close after a certain amount of time or at a specific time of day. The best part is that you can arm the system even if the garage for is open, which helps avoid false alarms.

2. Two Way Voice

What better way to communicate with your system than talking to it? This system has a full voice response which tells you the system status and zone descriptions in a clear voice, and it also lets central station listen in and talk to you when they receive an alarm signal. This assures that the proper response personnel are dispatched if need be.

3. Night Stay/Arming

Are you staying home for the night? This feature arms pre-selected sensors inside of your home (for example, the basement or the main floor) while allowing you to move freely in other places.

3. Family Message Center

Did you have time to feed the dog? Or do you need to add some things to the grocery list? The Family Message Center lets everyone record and play back voice memos. This is a truly efficient way of communicating!

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