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4 Amazing Benefits of Digital Security Systems

By February 27, 2015 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Technology has come a long way this past decade and the benefits of digital security systems continue to add up. If you are searching for an affordable and effective way to provide a solid layer of surveillance around your home, a digital security system with video is a wonderful tool to use.

Digital security systems are sometimes referred to as IP-based systems because they rely on high-speed networking to function. Via secure systems, a network of cameras and sensors ensure that your home or business is never left unattended. The systems can transmit alarms, video images, and still photos anywhere you desire. This makes it ever so simple for you to check up on your home from the office, the airport, or from distant shores. Indeed, wherever you have a connection to the internet becomes a security checkpoint to monitor what is going on throughout your home or workplace.

Digital systems also have an additional advantage over the old analog systems in the fact the security recordings may be stored off-site. This makes tampering highly unlikely and gives police ready access to photos and videos that can help them apprehend a thief quickly. Thieves know that digital technology provides crystal-clear HD imagery both as JPEG’s and MPEG’s, and a simple sticker in the window is often enough to deter a break-in before it ever occurs. But don’t count on that… Digital security systems have become so affordable that it’s silly NOT to take advantage of some of these features:

  • Offsite access: Ability to view, save and transfer video via Ethernet that can provide live feed for viewing at a central station or password accessed device (I-pad or smart phone)
  • Remote controlled pan and tilt (motion activated)
  • Crystal clear images in all lighting environments

Check out a few of our case studies that give real-life examples of how digital security systems have been used in business applications.

SHIELD Security would be delighted to answer your questions regarding the benefits of digital security systems. When you contact us at 1-800-4-SHIELD, our consultants will tell you everything you need to know about using them to keep your family safe and secure.

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