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3 Perfect Home Security Tech Gifts For Dad

By June 16, 2015 September 23rd, 2022 No Comments

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya’? Are you sure you really know which home security tech gifts for Father’s Day your dad will love? If you’re not quite certain, keep reading because the following are home security products that will have your dad saying “Yippee kay yay and thanks!”

1. Security & Fire Sensors. These electronic security guards never need a break, never go on vacation, never ask for a raise. Easy to install, they trigger alerts that notify everyone in the house that something’s amiss. In fact, the sooner you know something’s wrong, the sooner dad can spring into action and get everyone to safety.

2. Security Cameras. Bumps in the night? No need to get up to investigate because dad can check the feed right from the phone, tablet, or laptop by the bed. He can even check it if he’s thousands of miles away on business. Further, these can be set up to begin recording immediately to create a record of the crime to provide to both law enforcement and your insurance company.

3. Mobile Apps & Medical Assistance. Let’s face it, dad isn’t a spring chicken anymore. His knees ache and his blood pressure hasn’t dropped since you graduated from high school. What better way to keep him safe than by putting mobile technology in his pocket that can notify the fire, police, and ambulance in the event of an emergency? These devices aren’t just cool; they’re lifesaving and dad will surely appreciate having them in his pocket.

Searching for the coolest home security tech gifts for Father’s Day? Contact Shield Security at 1-800-4SHIELD. We’ll be happy to give you the 411 that will have the special man in your life saying 10-4 as he watches his favorite cop shows in complete safety on his day off.

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