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Why I Started My Kansas City Security Systems Company

By July 11, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

I’m Tony Thurman, Owner Of SHIELD Security Systems, Kansas City

I’m Tony Thurman, President of SHIELD Security Systems Kansas City. SHIELD Security Systems Kansas City is a member of the SHIELD Group Of Companies, a family owned electronic security firm founded by a 30-year police force veteran.

I brought SHIELD Security Systems to the Kansas City area in 2009 because I saw a need for a higher quality security product – not just in terms of technology, but how technology can truly improve people’s lives. Other Kansas City security systems companies weren’t fulfilling their client’s most basic need… I knew that SHIELD could make a difference.

What Really Matters With Your Home Security

When you invest in a security system, one of the primary benefits that you should expect is peace of mind.  This only comes when a solution is developed that addresses all of your unique safety and security concerns.  There are lots of popular big-box solutions out there… but I found that these companies were more concerned about securing monitoring contracts than they were about really serving the client.

The benefit of modern technology is that it can be utilized to provide custom solutionsto solve all kinds of unique challenges. You see, all clients’s needs are distinct. All have unique needs because their families, homes and businesses are all different… But they all DO have one thing in common: Worry. Generally, people spend too much time worrying… and technology can help with that.

With SHIELD, I could alleviate the one thing that most people in Kansas City worry about: the security and safety of their family. After spending my early career adapting technology to big business, I had the opportunity to build my own small business by doing what I love to do: Provide peace of mind to my community by utilizing my training as an electrical engineer and my experience in telecommunications to enhance the safety and quality of life for residents of our community through powerful technology, security expertise and great service.

A Monitored Security System From SHIELD Helps Alleviate The Following Worries:

  • What was that noise I heard while laying in bed at night?
  • Is my family safe while I’m traveling on business?
  • Did my latch-key child get home from school OK… Did they successfully re-arm the security system?
  • Is our home protected from fire, flood, and burglary while we are away on vacation?
  • Did we remember to close the garage door and arm the security system when we left?
  • Are our elderly parents are OK?
  • Is my vacation home or rental property protected, even when vacant?

We don’t have to worry about these things any more. Security systems and video surveillance systems from SHIELD can provide easy and affordable peace of mind by equipping average folks with a professionally installed, dependable security system that can alert and dispatch authorities when necessary, send us status updates for any event and create safer havens for our families.. In today’s busy world, that’s valuable stuff.

SHIELD Security System Kansas City Company Values

With SHIELD Security Systems, I’m able to bring state-of-the-art technology to regular Kansas City folks to make their lives better.

Achieving this goal required four main elements:

  • Communication: Clearly explain solutions, not in terms of technology, but in terms of benefits
  • Expertise: Powerful, reliable and affordable security solutions that are very easy to use
  • Customization: Take the time to understand what each client needs and design to right solution
  • Education: Educate clients and the community about safety, security, and options for enhancing both

How SHIELD Security Systems Differs From Other Kansas City Home Security Companies

SHIELD Security Systems differentiates itself from competitors by carefully designing and installing high quality security systems. (You’d be shocked at how ineffective many of the mass-marketed, mass-produced systems actually are.) SHIELD doesn’t attempt to lock customers into long term monitoring contracts with inflated rates. You’ll find our pricing more than fair. In fact, we charge monitoring fees that are often half of what other Kansas City Security System companies charge without a contact. We strive to earn your business year after year.

SHIELD also strives to educate home and business owners, as we feel that our best customers are informed ones.  In SHIELD security seminars, participants learn that the three keys to protecting their home from threats are to make it a less attractive target, to make it more difficult to break into, and to have fast effective detection and reporting of not only intrusion, but also fire, flood, and carbon monoxide.

Global Expertise With Local Appeal  

I’m excited about the new capabilities that we are able to offer in security system designs.  Video surveillance with night vision cameras and security DVRs are now affordable for home owners as well as small businesses.  The ability to monitor and control security systems and video surveillance systems from the internet and smart phones is now common place.  Systems can notify you of events via email and can turn lights on and off automatically.  Just about any safety, security, or monitoring challenge can be addressed.

I look forward to helping Kansas City home and business owners achieve the peace-of-mind that a security or video surveillance system can bring. For a free, no obligation quote, please contact me.

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