New Construction Security

Protect your newly constructed home with a customized security system.

Security for your New Home

Building a new home is exciting! Keep your family, pets and new home secure with a custom security solution.

Just like plumbing and electrical wiring, your security system is easier to install during construction. Planning for security during the construction process gives you a huge number of flexible, customizable options to choose from. You will also save both money and time by considering how you’ll protect your new home before moving in.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and your investment are protected as soon as you move into your new home.


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Newly constructed home

Flexible Security Options

Protect your home, yard and garage with a customized security system built to keep your beautiful new build secure for years to come. Addressing your home’s security needs during construction allows our experienced security team and professional installers to create the right security solution.

Convenient Customer Service

SHIELD® Security Systems’ friendly customer service and local technicians are ready to help you get to know your new home’s security system. Whether you need to temporarily grant access to your movers or aren’t sure how to set up alerts that let you know your kids are home, we’re here to help!